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Deep End

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  1. Impedance etc

    Same question alert - Sorry about this but it's a new consideration for me and I cannot (as yet) wrap my head around this. Can anyone help me out with this possible head/cab logic - Aguilar TH500 (500 watts into 4 Ohms, 250 watts into 8 Ohms) into Ashdown Bentley 4x10 cab (600 watt 8 Ohm) Am I right in thinking this isn't a great marriage? The cab will drain LOTS of power, really the head needs to be bigger/more powerful or the cab needs less impendence? Heid is fried on this one.
  2. Looking for booked work anywhere in the UK really at the moment, have gear/transport, based in Chepstow, South Wales Seasoned live and studio performer, all styles, orchestral and swing through functions, punk, post-industrial, whatever the song needs really. Open to interest at this point, can commit to the right project.
  3. Hello all

    Thanks guys, good to know you're outhere!
  4. Hello all

    Hello bassists! I'm a pretty regular type - Fender Jazz bass and Hartke atm, 3 Band Ernie Ball Stingray, Ampeg and Ashdown in the 90's/00's Been out the game for a little while, looking for a route back in. Composition/Electric bass graduate, Scottish, 38, live in Chepstow, looking for work and bass chat! Good to meet you folks. D.E.
  5. Bass Dragon Aboard!

    Hello Basschat, So I've recently moved to Chepstow in Wales, 27 years playing bass (I'm 38), looking for work! Will consider anything to be honest, preferably regular work but beggars can't be choosers n all that. Have half decent BVs with a little practice opening up the pipes again, can front a band too if absolutley necessary. Love swing stuff (the old kind), like Orchestral too (it's a challenge), equally at home with electro or Rock music also. Am good for studio work, live work, have gear and transport (Fender Jazz / Hartke). There's a wee link to my last recording here [url="https://soundcloud.com/bassist_in_bath/low-especially-me-bib-mix-2-2"]https://soundcloud.c...-me-bib-mix-2-2[/url] not hugely representative of mainstream bass playing but it's the latest I got. Can tutor locally or anywhere online, hit me up! I.