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  1. 1 minute ago, Ricky Rioli said:


    The specs of the MIJ blue sparkle does sound a bit more likely for a 1972 P than the MIM Hammers bass .... seems weird to slim down the neck at the same time as putting in the backbreaking maple body.


    Here's a review from 10 years ago of the MIJ bass. It has a couple of entertaining moments



    Thanks pal, I've seen it doesn't he slap the bass too😟

  2. 1 hour ago, Ricky Rioli said:

    I've just realised something about that photo....




    ....that's Blue Steel.... 😳

    I wish they did live recordings. That era was somehow neglected. They were knackered from the World Slavery Tour. Such a shame. I remember SIT album release. I was getting ready for school when the played Caught Somewhere in Time on radio. That album along with SSOTSS  are a totally different dimension, technically advanced.

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  3. Steve Harris is the main is the biggest influence on me picking up a bass. Always dreamt of having a sparkle P bass as a youngster. I do own one now, but I never researched whether his original bass has the same chunky almost baseball like profile neck as the Japanese made Steve Harris sparkle Royal blue signature bass. I have played the Mexican made West Ham signature model a couple of times but the neck is slimmer and very comfortable.  Even the body feels different. Steve claims it's the same bass so if they build replica of his basses why don't they keep it the same.

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  4. On 26/10/2021 at 01:32, lurksalot said:

    Do it quick before everyone votes for someone else 😜

    Thanks lurks . I've tried this morning but the exported file is not playing right so give it a miss, but of course will contribute with my vote as most of time.

    and voted..

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  5. 41 minutes ago, ubit said:



    The loudest band I have ever heard was Mamas Boyz in The Garage in Glasgow  back in the 80's. We liked loud bands but that was just noise. I was young and even I found it painful. You couldn't make out what song they were playing. Absolutely no need for it.

    A bit out of the context, but we used to practice in a garage. Push the car out , set up then rehearse. Small space filled with drums, two guitarists, drummer and singer. Often spectators and heavy cigarette smoke. It was loud. I remember when I rested against the workbench and touched the vice I would get an electric shock only when I touched the bass strings. Good old 80s.

  6. 14 hours ago, Lozz196 said:

    At £2.42 it would be a bargain, not so sure about £242, bit steep????

    £1.69 for 60!!!  All you need is to book a coach..bargain!



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  7. I needed a microphone for a kick drum and Pete responded promptly. Within days we made a deal,  he posted pictures of the item and swiftly posted it supplying tracking number. The item arrived within a day and was well packaged. Thanks Pete and nice to do business with you.

  8. 8 hours ago, Dad3353 said:




    Sorry, but there's no help for it; it's a whole subject, with much (or all..?) subjectivity. It depends on what sound you're aiming for. Do you have any reference examples, any tracks that have the sound you're after..? Could you post a sample or two of what you're already getting, with your comments as to why it doesn't 'float your boat'..?
    The basics for drums start, as with the bass, with tuning. If we leave aside the snare and toms (you seem to be content with those...), the bass drum has to be tuned to the sound you want, before getting into mics and stuff. If you've no resonant head, this makes things a little simpler, so lay it down on its reso side and tune the batter head to the sound you want. The short version is: loosen all the rods off, then tighten them each to just starting to move the head. Once they're all at this same point, go around in 'star' fashion, tightening one turn at a time, until the drum starts to 'sound'. from then on, tap lightly on the head (finger will do...) a couple of centimetres from the lug. Listen to the pitch, tap each lug and tighten each until they all sound the same pitch. This pitch can be altered to suit the resonance of the shell (there are several; take your pick...); you'll need to have the drum sat on its feet for this. Get the head to the tension you want, testing now with a beater, but making sure that each lug has the same pitch. That's the important part. Normally, a quarter turn of a rod will be quite enough to adjust finely, once you're 'in the zone'.

    I'm assuming, again, that, if you're no resonant head, you're looking for a 'thud' or 'thwack', rather than any 'boom'..? You may want to dampen the batter head, in that case, with a folded towel placed inside the drum, between the bottom and the head. Again, adjust to taste. Once all this is done, you can think of recording. If it's this 'dead, cardboard box' sound you want, any decent mic, inside the drum, aimed at the spot where the beater strikes, will get you started. No real concerns about placing in the room, as it's the 'dry' sound you want (no resonance, remember..?). For my taste and style, it's pretty much the exact opposite of how I go about drums in general (I'm not a fan of 'concert toms'; they had their use at the time, but Time marches on...), and consider the resonant head as being an essential part of the 'soul' of a drum, but that's just me. If you're playing without, then well-tuned, very close-mic'ed will be the entry point.
    Any special mic needed..? In theory, yes, but a lot can be done with any decent mic with enough resistance to sound pressure (so no ribbon mics up close...). A good mic recording a badly-set up drum won't help, though, so get the drum sounding at its best first.
    Any help..? :friends:

    Thank you for a thorough response as always. I have done all the tuning , dampening etc. The bass drums sounds great on its own but again I play with ear defenders as I would not want to go deaf.  Miced up it's ok ish after I eq compress etc. But not quite what I'm after. I'll work it out. Maybe I should put the reso heads back but Toms and floor Toms sound so much better and kick drum too. it'll come .thank you sir.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Dad3353 said:


    Not this time; I'm good, but not that good. These are Superior Drums 3, using a sound set called, appropriately enough, and by coincidence, 'Birds'. I do, on occasion, record 'live' drumming with my e-kit (usually, again, Superior Drums...) and, on even more rare occasions, my acoustic Camco kit. I tire very quickly these daze, so I tend more and more to opt for the 'armchair' solution, but it all depends on the inspiration of the moment. B|

    The sup. drums 3 you produced sound realistic, very natural to me. I have now been toying around with acoustic drums recording , but can`t get the kick/bass drum right..maybe a mic for kick drum would improve the recording quality. (all reso heads off, my preferred choice). 

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