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  1. Cheers all. Very detailed advice , had a look at the chart and ring the shop at one point. I don't think I need to worry about making a hole etc. As i've learnt to play sensibly, as long as  I achieve the that classic rock and metal sound. To be fair I managed to almost master the tuning and already getting a decent sound from the cheap heads.

  2. I've picked up a 5 piece used Tornado drum kit I'm May. Since then I replaced and added Sabian cymbals and added an additional unbranded 18 inch floor tom 😁

    I play drums in average 45- 60 mins a week. I've learnt to play with less force and more dynamics Although the skins are playable I need to replace them. I've played with resos on/off and now they are back on. I only want top skins replaced. I read the black doted Remo have good reviews but it's all personal preference / style etc. I am planning to record rock and metal. Any suggestions for. A lower/ mod range price. Ideally a set bundle.




  3. 9 hours ago, Kiwi said:

    "'snap' deals also provide consumers with up to 50% Off on other items including electric pianos, keyboards, drum kits and professional audio."


    Yep, aware it's for pianos. Unfortunately what I need is out of stock. Then the power supply for pedal board is half price with the European power plug whilst the British power plug is full price. The choice of items are limited as well. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Silky999 said:

    Ah that’s the other thing…….the raft of restrictions on their private lives including officers having to get permission to live at a different address(I kid you not!), not getting into debt and being held to a higher standard of behaviour off duty, she will have to declare the band work as a business interest and get it authorised if she gets any kind of reward for it. That could mean paid gigs, free drinks etc. 


    As to seeing or smelling illegal things whilst at gigs…..I become very short sighted and nose blind. The only reason I’m there is because the band is playing so unless Pablo Escobar is running a drugs cartel from gig, the band are like the 3 wise monkeys. 


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  5. It all depends which county and department. But the regulations are probably the same so she should know three months ahead what her duties are going to be. If she goes for a role ,after her initial training, that doesn't involve night shifts then she may be more committed to music. Some forces have their info on their internet pages.

    Short notice, may happen. She may need to disclose she plays in a band...

  6. 1 hour ago, ezbass said:

    I thought The Wildhearts, but assumed I'd confused them with Autograph. Curses, I could've been the one to save the day, rather than the berk who said Donna Summer. 😂





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