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  1. For the guys too far out, that’s completely understandable and I appreciate the shout. If ever I’m down south it might be possible to bring the capture gear to you- but for now I’ll stick to the grim north. Cheers though!
  2. Just wanted to give this a quick bump, no-ones taken the free money/conversation offer yet
  3. Hey all. Yes that’s Two notes of the Torpedo fame, yes- I make a lot of the cabs for the Torpedo series! i didn’t want to be so presumptive as to make a list, but I guess I’m looking for character as much as anything, so cabs like EBS, SWR, Trace (Ampeg has been captured to death unless you’ve got anything unusual) would be great. Maybe Barefaced and Darkglass would go down well, not sure the DG cabs are even out there yet... Also if you’ve got any cool guitar cabs I’d be interested in capturing their souls also (so to speak). I’ve done a lot of Zilla cabs and a few Marshalls, but if anyone’s got real old Marshall cabs (guitar or bass) they would be of special interest. Cheers again
  4. Hi everyone. This is a strange request, but hopefully the BC community can help me out a bit. I’m trying to make sure my recording studio is financially supported- times can be tough recently. I’ve started working with Two Notes, a company that make hardware that uses virtual guitar/bass cabs, and through them my studio, Hop Pole Studios, is selling cabs and splitting the money. It’s not a great deal, but it’s passive income once the fancy magic is done. What i’m asking, strange as it may seem, is for some of your good selves to help out by bringing some of your lovely cabs to my studio for an afternoon. I’m not asking you to leave them with me, as I understand you wouldn’t trust someone you’ve never met before with your kit- but tea & biscuits would be supplied, as well as some beer/petrol money as thanks and to make things worth your while. We’re based in Ashton-under-Lyne, East Manchester, just off the M60 so those in Cornwall- it may be a bit too far! Capturing a cab takes about 2 hours, and you would always have the pride of looking in the Two notes store and saying “that’s my cab!” We’re also fairly flexible in terms of making ourselves available to suit you so if there’s a particular day you’d be available we would work around you (after all, you’d be doing us a favour in the long run). So thanks in advance Adam Hop Pole Studios
  5. Thanks man. Was hoping it would go crazy viral, but not just yet Maybe over time...
  6. Hey everyone I wanted to share this cover I just released - I layered every part from this HK 7-string bass, drums, bass, keys, vocals etc - everything is all one instrument! Feedback would be appreciated. Cheers - Adam, Hop Pole Studios
  7. Landmark Sold pending the usual, 810 needs to go, any takers?
  8. Indeed it would! That's why I'd drive it myself, but only within reasonable distances....
  9. Out of all the pieces of gear here, I think the head would be safest in the post, it's pretty tough. Send me a pm.
  10. Will knock off money for a mid-price bass,or darkglass gear, or a multi-fx pedal, or a wireless kit..... just want lighter stuff.
  11. Hey bass brethren. I've recently upgraded my studio setup to include 5 iPads as touch-screen devices for Logic and Reaper. Excessive?..........yes. So? I made a video about it. Check it out! It's actually quite simple, not that expensive, and useful having all the faders at your fingers, just like the old days but with plugins, and editing and all that jazz! [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFiRGHuPrKk"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFiRGHuPrKk[/url]
  12. Bump - need these gone, will negotiate if you really really want a fridge cab!
  13. Bump - I've decided i'll split so get in contact if you want the Landmark. Same to anyone else who wants the 810! I may trade or part-ex for something smaller
  14. Hi Guys Up for sale today is my amazing Tech21 Landmark 300 - if you've not seen one before, it's essentially a Sansamp RBI and a Sansamp RPM together strapped to a 300W power section. It could do with a bit of a clean in the pots, but all works well. Comes with the 3-button footswitch which allows you to use both channels at once mixed together. Also for sale is my Ampeg 8x10 Classic, bought last year from aLxbass of this parish. Sounds immense but far too big for the gigs i'm doing. Also in the sale is the 6U Rack case from Thomann, Korg Rack Tuner and Canford power distribution unit. The patch bays in the picture are just for show and will be removed. I'm looking for £800 for the lot, but if no-one bites i'll split as below Landmark 300 -£300 Ampeg 8x10 - £450 Rack tuner - £70 Power distro - £40 6U Rack case - £50 (I don't want to sell this unless the rest goes, otherwise the next buyer gets an armful of rack gear and no rack) Can collect from Ashton-Under-Lyne (on the M60 not too far from Manchester) or can deliver in the north. [attachment=240078:IMG_1325.JPG][attachment=240079:IMG_1324.JPG]
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