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  1. The first thing I'd try is to take the jack socket out of the bass and plug a cable into it. The solution may be as simple as bending the jack socket slightly so that it grips the end of the plug properly.

    (I once let a player with an Epi T-bird play through my amp at an open mic. When he used my (Planet Waves) lead, there was no output, even though the lead was fine with my bass. He was only able to get a signal using his lead. The only reason that we could think of was that the input jack on the Thunderbird wasn't a standard length, and I've heard that Planet Waves jack plugs can be slightly longer than standard too.)


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  2. I think that we're all missing the point discussing Gene's views on pick vs fingers. After all, Gene isn't a professional bass player - he's an (extremely successful) merchandise salesman. I'm not sure how many takers he's going to get for the 'Home Experience Package', where he personally delivers a load of old demos and out-takes to you for $50,000. Personally, I'd be be more likely to pay $50 grand just to get him to flip off out of my house!

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  3. 15 hours ago, drTStingray said:

    I suspect a ceramic pick up Musicman (Sterling or 92 ish-08 ish SR5) in Fretless form would also be good - even better with the piezo, which was offered at one time.

    Your suspicions are correct! - my fretless Sterling sounds great, especially with EB Cobalt flatwounds.

  4. Always try and be as efficient as possible, so that your fingers do the minimum amount of work for the maximum effect. Try to relax - the more tense that your hand is, the slower you'll go, and the more likely you'll hurt yourself.

    I used to find that my speed was limited because I 'dug in' too much. Turn up the volume, play lightly and let the amp do the work. I can also play more quickly with a pick, especially when using alternate up/down picking. Try a variety of different gauge picks. I've settled on a medium gauge, but you might find a heavy or lighter pick works best for you.

    For fingerstyle, try using different numbers of fingers. I've found that using three fingers on my picking hand can be more efficient, especially when playing triplets. Surprisingly, I've also found that using one finger can sometimes be quicker than two, especially if you use an alternate up/down picking action with the very end of your finger. Finally, don't be afraid to vary the amount of fingers you use during the song - one phrase might be easier with three fingers, another with two, and another section with one.

  5. I like the Focus 4 x 10: loud and punchy, not too boomy, and fairly lightweight for a 4 x 10. I've find it quite neutral sounding, which makes it versatile - I use it for loud rock gigs as well as quieter fretless acoustic ones. Especially for the price, they're hard to beat.

  6. 19 hours ago, Frank Blank said:

    Bass Culture

    Bass Culture's one of my favourite albums - it really does exactly what it says on the tin!

    My originals band have got one ska-influenced number, and I'm trying to get us to lean a bit more in that direction. Ever since my 20s, my ambition's been to play bass in a full-on roots reggae band - unfortunately though, they seem to be very few and far between.

  7. 14 hours ago, MoonBassAlpha said:

    You often get great food too!

    The catering is usually a big plus!

    I played two private gigs in December - one we got fed at, the other we didn't. At one gig we had a really lively and receptive audience, while the other one was a bit 'meh'. As you say Blue, private gigs can be hit or miss. The only common downside for both gigs was having to set up early and then hang around for ages before playing.

  8. On 20/12/2017 at 09:37, Yank said:

     The lead guitarist,  who has only ever played guitar,  had no concept of what we were talking about.  He had never thought of this aspect of playing with time.

    Ha! I've met many guitarists like this. The best guitarist that I've ever met didn't even rate himself as a guitarist - he always thought of himself as a timbales player!

  9. 15 hours ago, discreet said:

    I wore Calvin Klein's underpants for ages before I realised I was never going to have shapely buttocks just like him. It's really all about market perception, both within the individual consumer and the pant-buying public.

    I've never seen the point in buying signature underpants. I've always bought stock underpants, modified them to fit my needs and then really put the hours in wearing them in - in the bedroom, the rehearsal room and on stage - until the unique stains and wear marks mean that they're MY pants, NOT Adam Clayton's.

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