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  1. Bought HX Stomp from Bearfist, pleasure to deal with, item very well packaged.
  2. If this is still available and includes purchase receipt (so I can register it with L6 to me) I'll take it.
  3. [quote name='dave_bass5' timestamp='1498513451' post='3325214'] Thanks but Ive figured out i can do it all from one patch, and changing patches is what I'm trying to get away from. [/quote] ah sorry I thought at first you wanted to turn the other 3 effects on/off simultaneously. patch change mode does work a lot better than how you used to have to change patches on the old B3.
  4. [quote name='dave_bass5' timestamp='1497452977' post='3318300'] One other question (i will start reading the manual tonight). My idea is to set up a mild warmth, maybe the BDDI as i like that effect, possibly a compressor as well. Thay would be always on like my VMT is now. Id then like to set the 3 foot switches to have TC Crona, BK7 and a filter pedal. Am i right in thinking i can do this so i can turn the 3 on and off at will without touching the others? [/quote] Yes - you'd set it up as two different patches and have it in patch mode so the footswitches select a patch as opposed to turning individual effects within a patch on/off..
  5. Offers considered. Going up on the bay soon.
  6. Sansamp Programmable Bass Driver Deluxe. The Big Daddy of Bass Drivers with 6 programmable settings able to be saved and has a switchable FX loop. A little bit of paint has worn off the the right corner edge, and there is velcro on the bottom, but other than that it's in as new condition. £205 posted. or £200 collected Surrey area.
  7. [quote name='jimfist' timestamp='1491994680' post='3277004'] I've avoided this problem by taking the (switched) PRE preamp XLR out from my GK head to send to FOH. In fact, with the original B3, I found the XLR connector to be a little dodgy, and not really a high quality chassis connector that didn't lock the connection into place. I'd rather have an XLR than not, but if ZOOM couldn't figure out a way to put a quality jack on the unit, I'd rather they just leave it off so I can provide a worthy DI of my own. [/quote] Yeah. I know it would be more expensive, but if they made another model with a DI out, and perhaps a routing option to have the amp/cab sims routed to the DI only, zoom would be onto a hands down winner.
  8. I received one this morning. I set up the darkglass B7K effect into just the SVT 8x10 and it sounded much the same as the demo videos for the B3/7k for dialling in a metal tone. Very impressed. Such a shame no Di out on it though.
  9. Bought an Esp bass from eubassix. Smooth as a baby's ass. Guitar as described and packaged really well.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. bought a Yamaha BB605 bass from Oli. Pleasure to deal with, great comms. great guitar as described. Packed and shipped as promised.
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