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  1. Woke up and realised it’s yet another day I didn’t want to kill myself
    Wrote a lyric around it, hook, riff, riff2, chorus, middle 8.
    Bashed the chords out
    Put it down, 3m:20s exact - perfect.
    Thats another song written
    I love punk.

    1. TheGreek


      Does it start with the classic blues line..."woke up this morning"...d'ner, d'ner??

    2. mart3442


      They are the best days.

    3. PunkPonyPrincess


      Had a dual amp rehearsal space to myself for a couple of hours and heard it going through my bass/guitar amps. For a thing that came out of nothing other than life experience i’m stoked. It’s working as I hear it in my head.

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