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  1. In no way is this inferior to the Elite Version. I have the natural one with maple neck and it’s amazing.
  2. Loooololol. Withdrawn? I wanted to withdraw it Walshy....
  3. They’re the .115 through to .065 https://www.gak.co.uk/en/rotosound-tru-bass-rs-88ld-guitar/5901?gclid=CjwKCAiAyrXiBRAjEiwATI95ma0vLkgpRD5zfaA4L9VNFfKZew0a626Gi1VQ5IjJMIr1mBDJyiHigRoCJO0QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. 1 hour of play! Cut for a Precision Bass. Picture just to confirm their existence 18 including postage (1st class uninsured). Thanks.
  5. Just tell the world Pino Played one of these and you’ll sell it
  6. Ok, discussing delivery with someone as we speak. They were first but I shall keep thee in mind.
  7. Live in Canterbury but delivery meeting can be made in London, Newbury Reading or Basingstoke
  8. Great bass. Another impulse buy. Sounds amazing but wife wants a different car now that we have two kids needing child seats. Anyway.., wiggle for negotiability but no trades unless you have a fender precision 60s reissue... then I can put up my jazz deluxe up for sale instead. More pictures after Xmas.
  9. BassKS


    Just too many bits of kit and I don’t get to play much nowadays. 3Leaf Audio Octabvre Mini - pretty much new and never gigged. Proper drum and bass and OC2 sounding. Then there’s the other side which sounds like The Prodigy’s Experience album. Mixed with dry you’re in Pino Palladino realm - SOLD on Facebook EWS BMC boxed - mid frequency boost great for making any bass cut through in live situation - £48.50 EBS MultiComp boxed - great for bass and guitar too actually - SOLD on Facebook MXR Phase 90 unboxed - pretty rad with my Aguilar tonehammer - SOLD on Facebook EWS Tri-Logic 2 preamp unboxed - makes my warmoth jazz bass really sing. Quite transparent but very useful - £80 EHX Bass Balls boxed - flea still uses one. And I love Flea’s sound on sir psycho sexy - £45 All prices include postage. Pickup from Canterbury, Newbury or London
  10. Bump for a possible trade for a Fender Jazz US 5 stringer post 2008....
  11. Still after Kylie pics? Beedster is after a date with her. At some point he said I could have his fretless Wal if I sorted a date for him
  12. Comes boxed and ready to go. Pretty awesome bit of of kit with iPhone, iPad and MacBook. I still use it so not fussed if I don’t sell it. 40 posted pics to follow
  13. No need for this anymore. It has the cabling for iOS as well as computers. very reliable. Recently got more channel strips hence the sale 35 posted
  14. For sale is the said piece of amazing Synth As with the Moog, I don’t use it as much to warrant keeping it! Pretty much brand new in a box but with an EU plug. I can provide a UK adaptor. in Canterbury but can bring it to London pictures to follow.
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