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  1. White pup, black body, maple neck makes this a very naughty boy 70s bass. ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Love them composite necks. never had one never played one. All I know is that they sound sick (albeit in other people’s hands) id really like one at some point. all the best with the sale.
  3. Oh my flipin god. @Beedster now I know what you were talking about!!!!!
  4. Thing is that Moollon is worth every penny. I can’t afford it and giving pisstaking offers is not the way. play it enjoy it!!!
  5. I know. I’d still feckin try. moollon p bass.....droooooool
  6. We’d both be racing towards Margate, Chris.
  7. Is the body allparts too then Buddy?
  8. What a bass!!!! i would love it to complement my fretted warmoth jazz with the same neck wood. the shaft is Gonçalo Alves. It’s resonant as feck. Over the last 15 years I’ve easily bought and sold 30 basses. Warmoth has been with me always. I wish I could justify it.... truly amazing
  9. In no way is this inferior to the Elite Version. I have the natural one with maple neck and it’s amazing.
  10. Loooololol. Withdrawn? I wanted to withdraw it Walshy....
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