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  1. IIIPatrickStevensIII

    Waking Aida - Instrumental Math-/Post-Rock

    sounds beautiful, I absolutely love "how to build a space station"! the recording sounds really crisp and well produced. amazing job!
  2. IIIPatrickStevensIII

    "Bass Tapping Solo in D-Major" (Video) by far my best work yet!

    thank you very much for listening! glad you liked it
  3. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RModQ5O_s0M"]https://www.youtube....h?v=RModQ5O_s0M[/url] This is a bass composition that I wrote a few years ago. I tried to establish different themes and movements within the song. Despite the fact that this is a solo, I wrote this with a full band arrangement in mind; which is why I consider this a composition as well as a bass solo. Obviously there is a lot of tapping here, and some shredding as well. Despite the unconventional methods, my focus here was writing something melodic and unique. Feel free to share your thoughts on any aspect of my performance. I would love to get feedback from some fellow bassists! ~Patrick
  4. IIIPatrickStevensIII

    hello from Patrick

    Hello bassists! My name is Patrick and I'm from Chicago. I've been playing bass for about nine years now....time flies! I am in love with just about every kind of music. My first experience in a band was playing death metal. Now I play in a 3-piece instrumental rock band. We focus on a Math-Rock/Post-Rock kind of sound, which is obviously a huge departure from my first band. I also love writing music as a solo artist as well. Looking forward to chatting with you guys! ~Patrick