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  1. Heres the engine room. Time for a bump and to see if anyone would like to make an offer for this baby. Bris
  2. A better look at the neck at the 5th fret tbh i dont even notice it whilst playing. Anyway time for a bump and see if anyone wants to make an offer, new yoy already bought. Bris
  3. Yes it is, sorry about the late reply 12 hour shifts till wednesday.
  4. Dont suppose this is still around?
  5. For Sale £950 Here we have my Spector Euro 4 LX. Bought this about 5 years ago from a nice old lady{honest} it has been my workhorse in this time. Any one that knows these basses knows the quality and sounds available. There are obviously a few scratches with one what i would class major which is at the 5th fret where there appears to be a small dent which does not affect playability { it came like that} ive tried to photograph it but its hard. Comes complete with Spector case,
  6. For Sale £1850 Here we have my Spector Forte 4 Helium. Quite a rare beast and an unbelievably loud one. Fantastic tones has been used for recording only and there are a few marks on the black bridge but nothing on the body. Has lived most of its life in its Spector case. Weight 8.1 lbs At the winter NAMM 2014 Spector © debuted the first of its Helium™ Series, NS™ and Forte™ basses. These instruments utilise a unique combination of woods to achieve a great sounding bass with low weight. The top of this neck thru body instruments wings are carved from quarter sawn sycamore obtained from salvaged logs of trees which have blown down in our local forests near Woodstock NY. The back of the body wings is reclaimed redwood that was originally harvested in California between 75 and 100 years ago and used for the construction of water tanks which are sited on top of office buildings in NYC. They have been filled with the purest NYC drinking water for all those years which continuously permeates the redwood. This soaking with the water helps to wash out all of the sugar in the cells of the wood so that it dries more completely and in a similar way to the method used traditionally for curing violin wood in Europe. The final Helium™ element is a Spector © locking bridge made of aluminium with brass saddles. The instruments possess a full warm bottom end with a unique bloom to the attack of the notes. This construction is available in our USA NS Neck-Thru Series™ in our GrayBurst color in either matte or gloss finish, and also in our USA Forte Series™ basses in our trans black stain matte finish. Love this bass but fancy a change. Would consider a Rickenbacker 4004c or L as a swap.
  7. Dont suppose this is still for sale?
  8. Rackmounted Bugera BVP5500 Valve bass head with Korg tuner and Line 6 Bass pod XT giving out a higly giggable 550 watts of power. 2 x Ashdown VS212 Bass cabs rated at 300w each. One of the cabs is slightly worn, the rest has only been home used to annoy the wife and neighbours. Amp has been recently serviced and checked over at Manchester ProAudio and all is fully functioning. Item is in Stockport near Manchester. £550 just after a sale no exchanges please.
  9. Okey dokey I have numerous Rickys over the ears my fave being a 1992 4003s which i stupidly sold, i have a year old 4003s in Midnight Blue and to me it,s not a patch on my old one. The weight of the 92 was like playing with a truck on it weighed a ton, but thats how i liked it at the time, when you gigged with it, you knew you had gigged with it. I have tried many many basses over the years, Musicmans, Ovations, Overwater, Shergold, Yamaha,Gibson etc etc...even a Fender Precision Lite which was the dogs nads, and then i came across Spectors, i have a thing for thru necks, just think they feel more solid, so i purchased a brand new Korean Legend Custom........and since then have not looked back, that bass cost me £238 off ebay, and it knocked everything into touch, to such an extent that my main is now a Euro 4 xl, and its higher end brother a Forte helium Usa, which is just beyond words in quality and sound. I have always loved the Ricky sound but for build quality and unbeleivable guts it has to be a Spector.
  10. I ve tracked one down but am having difficulties in chatting to our foreign friends.....:}
  11. Wonderful....yep thats the one, Thank You people..........now where to find one?
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