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  1. Hi mate, Really interested in this one! Email me? Thanks 👊
  2. Hey man, I'm really into this, would love to take it off your hands. I'll need to sell a bass first to raise the money though - how long could you bear to hold out? Don't want to string you along if you're after a mega quick sale. Thanks! Nick
  3. Hi all, It's with a heavy heart that I'm re-re-listing this fretless. Keen-eyed followers of this forum will have spotted it here before - I've tried to sell a few times for a higher price, but unfortunately, so far as I can tell, Warwick basses just don't seem to be holding their value that well. I paid £2,500 for this bass and upgraded it with a £300 John East semi-parametric circuit (U-Retro model). It sounds really fantastic, proper punch and very versatile. Recently set up and in absolutely pristine condition, it unfortunately just isn't seeing enough use to justify keeping. Somebody needs to be getting the most out of this instrument, and that sadly won't be me. All specs as per normal for this Warwick line, but do ask me if you want to check any specifics. And please, with respect, don't contact me with any trade enquiries. I'm afraid I'm looking for cash only. Thanks and grooviness all round.
  4. Wouldn't be adverse to partial trades in principle, depending on the instrument. Open to offers though. Thanks, N.
  5. Ah... Should have worked that out before. Oops. The scale length is 34", string spacing I'm not 100% certain. It's the standard, rather than wide neck, so should be 16.5mm, but all Warwick bridges allow you to adjust the spacing slightly (within 3mm or so across all strings). Hope this helps!
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