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  1. I'm moving in the next few months so am trying to scale back on my belongings... It's a left-handed squirer guitar (normal 6 string NOT a bass guitar!). It was customised by the previous owner and plays really nicely. Since I've taken up bass, it's just been sitting in a corner of the sitting room and I'd like it to go to a good home. It comes with a nice hard case. The guitar is about 15 years old. A couple of the frets could probably do with replacing. I don't want anything for it. The only issue is that whoever wants it will have to pick it up from mine in Lewisham, South London. pm me if you are interested in the guitar and case.
  2. I'm a true lefty too. I play a MIM Fender Jazz Bass.
  3. Hi Nixonuk Obviously would recommend that you take your own bass along to the shop and hook it up to a range of amps. I'd be interested to hear about how you get on.
  4. Blimey! I started something here and didn't even have the decency to reply sooner than this - sorry about my shocking behaviour. I'll try to not do that again. (I've been a bit busy recently). Let me deal with a couple of the points raised: 1. yes, I'm a woman (let's be honest - a man with the username 'christabel' would be a bit weird! My name is actually Kathryn for anyone who cares) 2. Simon73 - thank you very much for the birthday greeting (you must be a very nice young man!) and.... 3. I took all your advice on board and spent a few hours on Saturday afternoon checking out various amps. I settled on an Eden Nemesis N8 because it sounded the best when I hooked my bass up to it. I'm sure some of you will knock my choice (that's fine btw) but for me, right now, this is the amp for me. Kathryn
  5. I'm just starting out on the long road of bass playing. I've got the bass (MIM Fender Jazz) but now need something to play it through. I'm after a simple practice amp so I can play at home without upsetting my housemates and the neighbours and also because I haven't got a huge amount of money to spend on a bigger amp. Any recommendations? Or anything I should avoid at all costs?
  6. Snap! MIM Fender Jazz Bass! It's my first bass and I've only had it for a few weeks though.
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