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  6. The on that gets me is Gig Organiser/Venue staff: " Boys can we keep it down in here tonight " ..... and haven't even hit a note yet!! hahaha
  7. Guys thanks for the replies!! Its cool how we all have our own opinions- I've just listened through all of your ideal bass tone tracks and have to say that none of them jump out at me personally, except the track linked by kennyrodgers! Kenny- wonderful Jazz tone, has that certain tubbiness about it!
  8. Soo as it says.... Im talking tone only here, not anything to do with playing... Just the tone and the mix! What tracks stand out for you? You can list the engineer and bass player if you fancy! Im gonna start with one saying i listened to the album from the film Ratatouille and a song called "Le Festin" and it stood out to me, the bass tone is lovely and phat and fluffy and so well defined! Of course... Abe Laboriel played on it which could have part to do with it! But yeah sounded good! Needless to say- YouTube quality usually doesnt cut it for tone analysing ! Haha
  9. Its interesting to see so many of you guys commenting back.... A lot of feelings i am seeing that i feel ... I'm glad that its not just me that feels this as i thought i was going insane! haha
  10. Thanks guys, I've gone with a little mark iii!
  11. Phil, Thanks for that! Interesting read... and some good points!
  12. Anyone comment on these 2, tonally and features? Will be paired with a 4x10 104HF Markbass Cab ... Tried using the search but can't seem to get on with it! Cheers!
  13. I just don't understand with all the technology and thee best of FOH engineers on this big gigs why is still so shoddy!
  14. A mutual feeling is big venues are a null spot for bass! Lee Sklar is the guy molan, i listen to him in awe.... what was the size of the venue? It's such a fudged, id love to hit up Jamoriquai and TOTO but it'll be plagued with the same either can't hear it or muddy mess that everyone is voicing...
  15. Amnesia - feedback on that, will be interesting to hear! Okay soo a bit covered on muddyness and a mutual feeling of lots of kick in the big venues. So what about low bass in the mix? At Jools Holland, i mean it litrally was as if the channel was muted, absolutely fried my head... Musically i didnt know where the chord progression was or anything because of lack of the root note.... Made it a bit unlistenable at times, i didnt know where i was haahha! At the west end it was as if the engineer had gone to the graphic and just droppped 200hz and bellow completely out, sounded very thin! Sweet to hear your thoughts guys, thanks for your replies!
  16. Responding to the few that said about walking around a venue to check the sound - yes if im on a small gig and we are maybe doing sound ourselves i will do this, and im usually pretty happy with where we get things sitting. Generally speaking, the smaller gigs where the band do they sound themselves i usually find the bass experience fairly good generally! Its big gigs/proffesional gigs 1000+ to arena tours that disapoint me. Theres one company that when i look and ask them about some of there eq-ing they boost nothing, they only take out... So i might i ask whell hows my bass sitting guys and they will say something like "took out 62hz, it was a bit heavy there" and im like ahhh:( thats where id be wanting them to boost it;) haha Cool to hear your thoughts!
  17. Cool, always good to get another point of view! You found the bass spot on then? I await that day when i have that pleasure!
  18. Pfff i am glad to hear that you guys are thinking the same! I was at Eric Clapton a few years a go, Willie Weeks was on bass, couldn't wait.... destroyed by no able to hear him at all!
  19. Good to hear someone else is in the same boat and its not just me!! It just absolutely pushes my buttons... i just don't know how these top engineers who are with these top bands who you would assume are the best in the business cannot hear this.. ?? Hmmm..
  20. Does anyone else find the bass mix in a live concert very disappointing a real lot of the time? Ive been to recently Jools Holland, Stereophonics, Robbie Williams and just a couple of weeks a go Wiked in the west end and all of these i found the bass in the mix less than satisfactory! Robbie Williams- very low in the mix, there was no definition at all and became very muddy at points Jools Holland- It was literally none existent in the mix, it was as if he was miming, i was so frustrated the whole night! Stereophonics- no definition, could be hear in quieter songs e.g. piano and bass but when the band was in it was gone Wiked- very low in mix, very hard to hear, very much a lack of low end in the tone.. sounded like a guitar when i actually could make it out, just generally couldn't make it out and had to really really listen for it! Also when I'm playing live and you know, there will be a Professional Sound Company doing sound with a stack of double 18's for subs worth probably £10k and i take out my in ears i literally year no bass I'm just like what? at gigs my dad has been at he will comment something like i could hear G on the 4th string and everything else it just wasn't there (makes me feel annoyed and that i could have just sat at home, as I'm sure you guys would feel the same) Also... a lot of kick drum in some of these cases.... maybe filling in for lack of bass?? Hmmmmmmm......Maybe I'm just extremely picky... but hey, lets hear some of your thoughts and experiences!!
  21. Sweet thanks for reply guys! Yeah i understand about the dropping ohms when using 2 cabs for example. I was just wondering same amp and the 2 same cabs one of which is the 4 ohm and the other the 8 ohm what will i hear different? cheers
  22. Probably a questions thats been done before... But im looking at a Markbass 104hf cab Theres a 4ohm or 8ohm option; Someone just verify with me the difference ! Cheers!
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