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  1. Dear musicians, here's a good way of how to wind up a sound engineer: please spontaneously inform them, preferably after the show, that they are 'also a part of the team'. 

    And I thought the stage magically sets itself up each night; the console automatically mixes the show, adjusting on the fly for poor microphone technique / crappy instrument sounds of varying volumes; and the monitors just happen to give you back something useful???

    /rant over

  2. Costs-only (location) recording + free mix / master available to Basschatters! Drop me a PM! :)

  3. Looking for bands to record / mix demos or EPs for costs only! As i'm a new freelancer, happy to take on some projects for experience. Hit me up!

  4. Giving Sansamps a go again! The concept is too good, so here's hoping I get along with one at the 4th attempt (2nd time BDDI ownership)

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    2. Josh


      I tried my best with the VT bass Di and then the BD Deluxe, great pedals in their own right but I couldn't coax a tone I liked out of them. I got myself a EHX Battalion and kind of wish I got one sooner!

    3. Lozz196


      Well the V2 version of the BDDI has mids though only 2 frequencies so less to mess around with. For me I needed high-mids in almost the treble area so that`s why I went Para.

    4. SpondonBassed


      Ahhh, the long pilgrimage to visit the shrine of tone perfection.  I've got that to look forward to I suppose.  'Till then, I'll stop in the land of It'll Do.  It's easier on the pocket.

      @roman_sub; Good luck this time.

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