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  1. Just bought an MTD 535 from Ash. Great guy. Friendly, polite, courteous, superb chap all round. Definitely a great Basschatter and gets my hard-earned seal of approval. Highly recommended.
  2. Congratulations, it’s a fantastic bass! I’m sure you’ll love it. 😊
  3. Great amp! Really lovely tone, great harmonics and response perfect for finger style bass. GLWTS.
  4. Great seller, and these cabs move LOADS of air, and sound amazing Harry really looks after his gear, fantastic offer!
  5. It’s got lots of lows, even roll the low freq back a bit, it’s so capable.
  6. Yup, bass amp is now fully redundant. After much experimentation and alternating gigs with and without backline... QSC in kick back as monitor, with separate bass feed into it (so I can have a bass heavy mix) and viola, low stage volumes, all bass through front of house pa. everyone’s happy. Mesa Subway DI lets me split the signal and control volume from the pedal. Simple.
  7. If someone manages to solve the log issue, can they become a mod?...
  8. Just wanted you all to know I’m still diligently keeping up with this thread. 😊 No plans to unsubscribe from me.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments. Still available guys. It’s at BassDirect if anyone wants to try it out. 😊
  10. What’s the weight, string spacing and scale length please?
  11. Increadible to see the wide spread uptake of this, Only one U.K. winner!... which wasn’t me 😢
  12. Agreed, in actual fact I really wouldn’t want a matching power cab, the offerings from QSC and RCF will likely not be beaten for bass applications. They’re also multi function too; monitor and PA solutions too...
  13. £795... Final price drop and firm price. If it doesn’t sell at this price... I’ll keep it...! Lots of great quality effects, amp and Cab sims here.
  14. Thanks for all the trade offers, all PM’s replies... Absolute last chance before being withdrawn from the classifieds...
  15. £845...! For a mint Helix with plenty of warranty, Mono case in perfect condition, screen protector, and downloaded IR’s and patches galore...!
  16. The Helix is crazy good. Especially the amp sims, the small details make it really emersive..!
  17. I know! I haven't even mentioned how it's loaded with loads of purchased IR's too...! I've complied all the bass specific ones into a separate area for ease of access. A definite bargain here for someone. Warranty's transferable too (so I'm reliably informed).
  18. Yes, yes, yes, it's at an even better price now... three in a row.. hat trick... lots of bass effects, amps and glory here.
  19. Yup! It’s in near mint condition and only just over a year old...! No fretwear at all. 😊👍🏼
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