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  1. How very observant of you. It was after an earlier post suggested considering how a bass plays and feels as opposed to buying unsuitable guitars just because of the year. It'll be a 2015
  2. I have GAS for a 77 P bass so considering a relic'd Limelight build
  3. Same question as above, anything you'd be interested in trading for?
  4. Good on you! always nice to hear someone has new gear to mess around with. Nothing better!
  5. I am and I want the Tonehammer 500 and 2x TKS S112 cabs. I'm sick of carrying heavy valve gear and will be buying the afore mentioned in the new year. Take one or 2 cabs as required
  6. Leslie77s


    My USA 75 RI, seems to be made 1999 in the Corona factory but it's really quite heavy
  7. They answered me within a day and my amp is ancient. Prob beyond their help so I have to say they've been more than reasonable customer service wise. Plus they sent me replacement volume knobs free
  8. Guy from Ashdown has replied with some suggestions, I'm awaiting any tech recommendations from him in my area.(Glasgow) it's quite an age now, an original Evo, so I'm sure there are limits as to what he can do.
  9. Wow that would suit me perfectly but to raise a bag of sand this side of Xmas I'd need to pimp out the Mrs and I doubt she would have the required enthusiasm...GLWTS mate
  10. Hi Steve, I've played bass for years but have never been too into the technical side of amps etc just knew what I liked so this site has been fantastic. Really friendly and some extremely knowledgable members. If you like your bass then it may be ideal. I've spent a good few quid on basses, mainly USA Fenders, one 60's Gibson but right now I can't put down my battered 1994 made in Japan Fender Jazz so it may be finding just what you like over reputation. All the best mate!
  11. Thank you very much is all I can say. FINALLY 100% decided. It's 2xS112 and a TH500 for me in the new year. That is that.
  12. Some easy Stone Roses, She Bangs the Drums, Waterfall. That was my whole 1990 12 year old boy start. Mani got me into bass in a big way and now I always end up playing She Caught the Katy and other Duck Dunn stuff. Always relax playing my Jazz after a rubbish day at work just trying new lines
  13. I will keep you posted as seems to happen to a few Ashdown amps. Thanks for all the input again quality advice much appreciated!
  14. Wow, that is great. I'll give it a try thank you
  15. I will do. It's as heavy as a truck so I may fix it and sell it on for a few quid in the next rig pot. May have more fundraising luck selling a Bassman on though
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