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  1. Can’t offer any input on the gear - but I’d love to hear the results!
  2. Would Basecamp personal work for this? https://basecamp.com The Basecamp personal plans are free and have chat, calendars, todo lists and can share documents. Just make sure you sign up for the right type do acc 👍
  3. Really enjoying the series, who doesn’t love a bit of Hank Williams. However I feel short changed now I’ve discovered we’ve lost hours of the documentary. 😭. Anywhere we can see the full version in the UK?
  4. @Brunobass Not got to see Seth live yet - bet he puts on a good gig! Got very excited when I walked in to the Billy Bragg gig to see Ride merch as for a split second I thought that was an amazing double bill Then sad when I realised there were 2 stages in the venue 🤣
  5. @BrunoBass Seems there were a few decent gigs on in Brum last night. As well as Billy Bragg and Frank, Ride were playing too!
  6. Saw Fontaines D.C. on Monday and Billy Bragg on Sunday - busy week 😀 Nothing booked until next year now ☹️
  7. When I saw the thread title I instantly thought of Babylon Zoo... then I opened the thread 🤣
  8. I can't add my own website as I've not got a band (or been able to play bass for nearly a year after an operation on my finger ) - I do design and build websites for a living though (and digital strategy/consulting etc - just call me Mr Fancypants ). Quite a few of the sites posted aren't responsive, i.e. adapt to be viewed correctly on a mobile phone - I'd really recommend you make your sites responsive as most traffic these days is from mobile devices. I know I've googled a band on my phone after seeing them live. Responsive sites also get ranked higher in google searches than non-responsive. I didn't spot anyone with an email sign up and I think you are missing a trick - if someone cares enough to look at your site, ask them to sign up to an email list! Then you can send out regular (or at least semi-regular) emails with gig/tour dates and remind people that you are avalible for booking etc. People who have actively signed up are far more likely to turn up to your gigs, and you don't just have to rely on the venue promoting either. Is super easy and cheap too! The two I'd recommend are MailChimp (has a free tier up to 2000 subscribers) - https://mailchimp.com, and Campaign Monitor (https://www.campaignmonitor.com/b/). Both super easy to get started and cheap promotion compared to printing flyers. Hope thats helpful to someone. Give me a yell if you have any questions. And good luck with getting those gigs!
  9. I wasn't a big fan of Radioheads early stuff, post Kid A though I love! I don't think they got interesting until OK Computer.
  10. Another vote for https://www.discogs.com - you'll also be able to get an idea of what a record is worth. Anyone have their collection catalogued on Discogs? I got to about 60 records in a private collection then got fed up of adding them Quite scary what the few records we added would be worth! :/
  11. [quote name='pierreganseman' timestamp='1493445715' post='3288318'] i may have just wet myself ..... [/quote] That's lovely! Full report when it arrives please
  12. I know what you mean about every day being a record shop/store day - words to live by But from what I understand it is also a massive day for the shop - I know it drags people out to buy music that usually won't (and those Bowie/Floyd/Springsteen fans of a certain age that only seem to appear at events like this) and I hope that they make more mark up than usual! I'm not in the trade though so I could be talking out of my bum Spillers were asking the regulars what we were after to make sure they didn't over stock, and I know they are picky on what they got in. As much as we like ltd edition records, going there on RSD is as much about supporting our friends and their shop as it is about picking up some exciting coloured vinyl I dislike the majors wading in a stealing the thunder from the indie labels, and I've seen releases I'm after put back due to the lack of press plant time but I hope that on the whole it helps the indie shops and labels. We always buy music from an indie store - use them or lose 'em. I also find that if I have a physical copy I'll play it at home, but if I just have a digital copy then I don't. Probably helps that we have a decent record player [size=2][b][center]Save[/center][/b][/size][size=2][b][center]Save[/center][/b][/size]
  13. Anyone else get down to their local record shop today for RSD 2017? Or am I the only one that still buys records? We made the yearly pilgramge to see our friends at Spillers in Cardiff. Seemed to be a good turn out - there were still queues at gone 11 and they opened at 8! Just listening to the Folkazoid/J Spaceman 12" (it's great so far) and the Goat 7" is up next. I also managed to grab the Suger 'Copper Blue' reissue - 3lp on gold, blue and silver vinyl What did you get?
  14. I was about to suggest 65 days of Static Battles played possibly the best set I've ever seen at La Route Du Rock back in 2011.
  15. Fairdeal is still in Brum @paul h. I'd take a look at The Little Guitar Shop too - small, owner run and some nice guitars. They did a lovely job setting up my acoustic. I think there is more instore than is on his website. It does live up to its name though - it is little http://www.thelittleguitarshop.com
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