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  1. Many thanks MB1, This is back up for sale. It's not even been taken out of the box since it was originally posted. ...£30 O.N.O?
  2. Sold him a set of speakers. Nice guy to deal with.
  3. very heavy distortion and a huge amount of additional gain. Quite a good variaty of sounds for the money.
  4. Here's the kit and all the info.... [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/184508-mapex-venus-series-kit-cymbals-etc-etc-l350/"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/184508-mapex-venus-series-kit-cymbals-etc-etc-l350/[/url]
  5. Hello all, Having a huge clear-out and getting rid of my sisters kit (I [i]tried[/i] to learn on). It's been great and a real handy one to have for local gigs and for my little sister to have lessons on but... she's lost interest (boys and iPods are currently more intersting) and it's taking up a lot of room. Real shame to be selling it, but would be much better off being played than being stored for another winter. [attachment=115891:IMG_2680.JPG] [attachment=115893:IMG_2686.JPG] [attachment=115892:IMG_2684.JPG] [attachment=115895:IMG_2689.JPG] [attachment=115896:IMG_2691.JPG] [attachment=115894:IMG_2687.JPG] [u]So here's the Spec:[/u] Mapex Venus Series - black - Toms (High, Low, Floor) loaded with Evans Genera G2 skins Mapex Venus Series - black - Kick with Evans Emad skin Mapex Venus Series - chrome - Snare with Remo weatherking coated ambassador skin Sonor 200 Series stand Orion Viziuss 20" Power Ride Premier double braced Ride stand with Floor-tom mount. Orion Solo Pro 14" Hi-hats Sonor 100 Series hi-hat stand Unbranded Kick pedal Spare Remo weatherking kick skin Original Mapex kick skin Damaged (drilled out cracks) Sabian AAX 16" Stage Crash Gok Cowbell Stagg sticks Really nice kit to learn or gig on. Plenty of life in all the skins (marked by tipped sticks) and pretty fat sounding kick. Would even suite a small/budget studio. Obviously this will need picking up at some point. I'm moving house on 25th Aug, but my family (and sister) will be around to get the kit out for you and show you how good condition it's in. For a better show around get to me before that date!!! The price is negotiable but only within reason - all of the components on this kit are high spec gradually picked up over a few years - and for that reason it looks a little higgledy-piggledy when you look at the list. Check the pictures - not a showy kit - purely a players kit! £350 o.n.o Thanks in advance
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