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Status Updates posted by Fisheth

  1. The Gig with Dream Tröll was a massive success, we almost hit the venue cap. Made tons of cash and paid every band and I'm 80 quid up. A fantastic night all round. 

  2. Playing a show with one of my favorite bands next week! Dream Tröll from Leeds!  Very excited! 

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    2. Kevsy71


      Just checked them out on Bandcamp - wow, they're ace! Enjoy the shöw :)

    3. Fisheth


      I'll try Kevsy! 

    4. discreet


      @SpondonBassed That comment really gets my goat.

  3. Tempted to sell my SVT, I quite fancy a VBA-400 or a Orange AB200 

    1. mart3442


      Owned 3 valve svt's, all great in their own right..... You won't be disappointed with the Orange, especially when you lift it!

    2. discreet


      I've owned an SVT and Orange all-valves, they're both good. if I had to choose I'd go for the SVT - just to annoy you and plant a seed of doubt. ;) But it doesn't matter, they're all good amps, you can't go wrong.

    3. Lozz196


      I liked the idea of the VBA400, right to the time I saw it took 2 people to lift it on top of an 810.

  4. My new pointy bass could be ready next week...

  5. Got some pictures of my custom Boult... NBD insanely soon I think! 

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Please share the pics :)

    2. discreet


      Yes, I desperately want to see this Boult.

  6. How does anyone make a VBA 400 sound bad? 

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    2. itsmedunc


      And play some jazz!

    3. discreet


      Give it to Jeff Berlin?

    4. Ghost_Bass


      Use it with a P-Bass to drive a 8x10"... :ph34r:

  7. Had a dodgy kebab tonight, ohhh er. 

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    2. Les


      Yes, name and shame, my life's work will include a section of Kebab emporiums to be swerved. 

    3. Fisheth


      It was Kebab King in Whitley Bay, not great by any stretch of the imagination! 

    4. itsmedunc


      Did you have 10 pints before the kebab?

  8. Booked out a gig for a band in Carlisle... Trying a new venue this time! A lot of places are combining both venues and rehearsal rooms, is this a common thing these days?

    1. Les


      The rehearsal place we use in Skelmersdale does this too, and quite successfully by the look of it.

  9. I've just emailed Limelight... Will they do basses in nonperiod colours? I was hoping for a 63 spec in either shoreline gold or LPB... 

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    2. ead


      Shorline Gold is certainly on the early 60s Fender colour card.


    3. discreet


      So is Lake Placid Blue.

    4. Kevsy71


      My "62" Limelight is Sonic Blue with maple fingerboard, so anything goes!

  10. Is it possible to have too many basses? Asking for a friend...

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. TheGreek


      Possibly...but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep them all.

      Every time I try to downsize I use the freed up funds to buy another bass.:dash1:

    3. discreet


      Yes, the question should be, 'How can my friend sell some of his lesser basses to raise cash for a superior bass?' This way you can pretend you're thinning the herd but you're actually still buying basses...

    4. Grangur


      The way to tell you have too many is when you find each time you go and try one of the basses you've not played for a bit, you find they always seem to need a new set of strings and it feels like you changed the strings the last time you used it.

  11. I want one of those Little Stubby amplifiers (oooh er misses) 

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    2. walbassist
    3. Fisheth


      So it's UK made then? 

      Bit expensive for what it is though... 

      Like you've got tons of giggable class D options for that.

    4. walbassist


      Yes, the power to £ ratio isn't good :(

  12. It would have been James Jamerson's birthday today. So happy birthday to him (RIP) 

    1. discreet


      Such a groundbreaking player. Respect.

    2. TheGreek


      Thanks for the reminder.....respect to the man

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      RIP James

  13. I am now an artist with Boult Guitars! Expect a NBD very soon!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fisheth


      I play for Usurper UK! 


    3. charic


      Are you on Spotify etc?  I'd like to check you out :)

    4. Fisheth


      We're not yet, but we are on FB/Instagram/Twitter.

      We're recording our debut EP right now!