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  1. I’ve put it on my diary and will try to get there!
  2. Thank you! I’ll try to get more involved this time round! 🤣
  3. Hey there, I’m not a new member (I joined in 2014) but I haven’t signed in for 6 years! Not sure if I introduced myself back then, so doing so now! 🙂 I’ve been playing bass for almost 40 years, never really aligning myself with any particular genre. I have very eclectic taste and draw on this to create original music born out of improvisation, mostly using solo bass and technology. Current gear comprises: Basses: Rickenbacker 4003, Anaconda Crusher CX5, Squier VI (Classic Vibe), GoldTone MicroBass and 3 x franken-basses I’ve built from parts - (a fretted jazz bass, fretless jazz bass and a P bass). Amplification: Ashdown ABM500 EVOIII with 4x10” (CURRENTLY FOR SALE!), Ampeg BA110. Tech: MacBook Pro running Ableton Live, Amplitube running various Ampeg amps and FX, Jam Origin Midi Guitar & Midi Bass, Absynth5 and other soft-synths, misc. live looping software, Behringer FCB1010 foot controller, iPad running TouchAble, Zoom B3, Behringer Ultra Vibrato (cheapo but love this pedal!), HOF reverb. Looking forward to chatting! Russ
  4. I have the same to say! I ordered a CX5 Standard, strung E-C. This bass is amazing. Andrew's skill and attention to detail is second to none. I ordered my bass just after the London Bass Guitar Show so I was able to buy at a discounted price, but still, Andrew's basses are OUTSTANDING value for money, even if paying full price. My bass spec is: Ash body (chambered) Ash top Maple neck with wenge stringers Wenge fingerboard 35” scale length Tuning: E-C Chrome hardware Hipshot tuners Bartolini pickups Glockenklang 3-band EQ plus Andrew's awesome coil taps! I've literally waited decades to own a bass of this quality. The more I play it, the more I want to. The tonal range is outstanding. I would recommend Anaconda Basses to anyone looking for a high-end bass at a great price supported by excellent customer service.
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