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  1. [quote name='2elliot' timestamp='1509660429' post='3400737'] Gave the Spitfire a blast tonight with my band. I'm impressed. Through my ABM600 with everything off using just the Spitfire Pre Amp as the control, tight, punchy with a bit of bite. It fit right in... well built and looks great too. Top job, thanks DHA [/quote] Thanks for the reviews. I have sent all the pre-order VT1-Pro-Bass and VT1-Spitfire-Bass pedals now. Just checking that you have all received okay?
  2. The second batch of BC VT1’s will be posted tomorrow so that completes the pre-orders Many thanks to all, hope you all like them Dave
  3. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1508934518' post='3395456'] Mine arrived today! Yay! Will have a good play tonight! Cheers Si [/quote]
  4. [quote name='elephantgrey' timestamp='1508922058' post='3395300'] Out of interest, what is the difference between the bass and guitar version? And I'll definitely post my thoughts here when I've had a play. [/quote] If anyone plays guitar as well as bass then I recommend the bass version as it works very well for guitar if the bright is switched on and the treble and mid EQ pots are set a bit higher than normal. The guitar version is okay for bass but lacks a bit of low end and is a bit toppy. I play guitar but tend to use bass versions of my pedals when gigging as I like the low end thump
  5. [quote name='elephantgrey' timestamp='1508922058' post='3395300'] Out of interest, what is the difference between the bass and guitar version? And I'll definitely post my thoughts here when I've had a play. [/quote] the guitar version is a bit brighter with more top end.
  6. There are a couple of Spitfire bass versions ordered as well. Doing these now so won’t be long Here is a link to the guitar version so you can see what it looks like http://www.musicinstrumentnews.co.uk/2017/10/25/dhas-spitfire-ready-take-off/
  7. Nice one, looking forward to comments and reviews.
  8. first, will post tomorrow
  9. [quote name='elephantgrey' timestamp='1508495421' post='3392553'] I think OP meant a di with a valve pre built in? I've pre-orderd the DHA (pun intended =p). Hoping it will replace my ms60b and fender microDI. [/quote] Just so everyone is clear. My valve pedals with DI have a clean solid-state Di design that does not colour the sound but provides a balanced DI signal for the desk, etc. The Di is always on so if the pedal is in by-pass then the Di will only send the by-passed signal. When the pedal is not in by-pass i.e. the valve circuit is on then the Di will send a valve coloured signal. Same for the headphones on the pedals that have that option.
  10. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1482508020' post='3201178'] Aguilar Tone Hammer. No actual tube, but is fat and warm and sounds better than some that do have a tube. It's even been compared to the REDDI when set with the AGS on and gain set low. I've seen DB folks using them too. I wasn't a fan of the EBS Valvedrive, far preferred the DHA units (if you don't mind their amateurish look). I have a Le Bass too, but really only because the distortion sounds great. The clean channel has very limited eq (bass and treble boost only, no cut, no mids) so I wouldn't recommend it as a clean/warm preamp. [/quote] Check out the new VT1-Pro-Bass-Drive which is now screen printed
  11. [quote name='sk8' timestamp='1508344087' post='3391538'] Looking good Dave. [/quote] First batch done and will be posted in the next few days, second batch to follow next week.
  12. I had a few red boxes screen printed along with the Purple ones (Purple will be the standard colour) just because I had a few in stock and there was a break point on cost with the printers. So if anyone wants a "limited addition" (3 off) red with white printing version then please let me know. Regards Dave
  13. Thanks Sean, all sold now and many thanks to those that purchased. I am putting them together over the next couple of weeks and will be posting out in the order they where ordered in. The intention is to do more screen-printed versions of other models plus some new ones over the next few months. regards Dave
  14. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1506823381' post='3381354'] Can't wait to get my hands on it!! Si [/quote] Some pic's.... [attachment=254796:IMG_1745.jpg] [attachment=254797:IMG_1746.jpg] [attachment=254798:IMG_1743.jpg] [attachment=254799:IMG_1744.jpg] Only one left now if anyone wants it?
  15. Thanks, Looks a good site and I will contact once I have something to show. Talking of which, I will be putting the first batch together this weekend, pictures later
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