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  1. Hi - might just be me but can't see any pics?
  2. I’m sure the Glaswegian Steps tribute act was called Stairs. Again, a local accent helps!
  3. Yes, for the same purpose ie home practice. Amazing for the money really.
  4. Cheers Marc. Yes, the neck width is fine for me - it’s just a bit deep for my tastes....
  5. Limelight P for sale - reliced, fiesta red, tort pick guard. I bought this from MattM a few months ago, but unfortunately I think I'm too used to J basses and can't get on with the chunkiness of the neck profile. Lovely looking bass though, and sounds fantastic too. Alder body, slab rosewood board, clay dots, rolled fingerboard edges, reverse tuners, late 60s/early 70s logo. Hand wound pickup with CTS pots, switchcraft jack. Nut width just under 40mm, weight approx 9lbs. Comes with decent quality gig bag - price is £725. Would much prefer local collection or meet up in the Scottish central belt, but will consider (UK only) shipping. Also will consider trades - ultimately I'm after a p sound with a jazz-type neck (like a lot of people!), so feel free to try me.
  6. Wouldn't mind trying a tech 21 fly rig though...looks interesting
  7. I've got the zoom for home use and have the EBS compressor as part of a pedal board for gigs. The zoom is amazing for the price, and great for practice and trying out lots of effects types, but there's really no comparison to a good compressor like the EBS - have tried the zoom live and found that my sound seemed to disappear somehow. Lasted a couple of songs and switched back to the EBS set up.
  8. Just bought a Limelight P from Matt - pleasure to do business with, no problems at all. Cheers!
  9. Pretty convincing, to be fair: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322626315502
  10. going on holiday next Friday, open to offers-type bump...
  11. Hi there - would rather not right now tbh, sorry. Have a bit of local interest, but if that comes to nothing I might well change my mind!
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