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  1. Heya guys, It's back! Police dropped it back at mine last night. Now here's hoping they catch the crook that sold it! (Police have got plentiful evidence so hopefully something happens soon!) Apologies for the VERY low res photo! Thanks all Josh
  2. UDPATE: We've found it!!!!!! Just waiting on the police to give us the all-ok and then I can go pick it back up! Thanks to everyone in the community. Josh x
  3. Hi guys, Woke up to an absolute hurry of messages this morning. Someone's inboxed me saying they've bought it. Looks like I might get it back! Then the police can do the rest. Will keep you all updated. Thanks Josh
  4. So my car was broken into. I left an Ampeg SVT-CL in there like an idiot, thinking no one could get into my car, or carry the thing. They stole the head, but not the flightcase. It’s very distinctive as it has an Allusinlove sticker on, which will leave residue if taken off, certain wearing to the tolex on the right side, and missing the bass knob. It was stolen in Leeds, and was stolen some time in the past week. If anyone has any information please let me know. Image attached. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. Thanks Josh
  5. Hi Loremil. Very interested in this. Have PM'd you. Josh
  6. [quote name='bass-a-licious' timestamp='1474830299' post='3140900'] Is the body alder or ash? [/quote] It's Alder mate.
  7. Limelight Precision bass with jazz neck plus some cash your way? [sharedmedia=core:attachments:228409]
  8. [quote name='xroads' timestamp='1474486297' post='3138385'] Nice...whats the weight? [/quote] couldn't answer that with a number but its in absolutely no way weighty; really nice, easy weight to it.
  9. Mainly wanting cash, but if you can show me a nice warwick or musicman, or an American or top end Mexican jazz basses I may consider a trade. I AM NOTTINGHAM BASED. Absolute beauty this one, but I'm finding it hard to get along with P basses. Got this for 850 new a month and so ago. PLEASE NOTE THIS ISNT A REAL FENDER, ITS A REPLICA BUILT TO EXACT 60s/70s SPEC. It's got a lovely poly-black finish, nitro cel' weathered neck and a light-relic. Obviously the main "cool" thing about this bass is the jazz neck - it's lovely and comfy, albeit slightly deeper than your modern jazz bass neck. Absolutely zero problems with it. Pickups are handwired, and its all handbuilt. Comes with a hardcase and will courier. Any questions, shoot!
  10. Trade for a limelight P bass plus cash your way?
  11. any trades? Got a lovely Limelight P Bass.
  12. Hey guys, Willing to split these two lovelys. Handwired SWR SM-500, pre-Fender buyout. A workhorse of an amp at a silly price: £350. 90s Peavey 410: Heavy, but huge sounding. fantastic bass response and adjustable tweeter. Better than the modern Peavey rubbish. £100 Will do both for 425. The amp is residing at my home from home in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Can potentially courier the head but not the amp. Cheers x x
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