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  1. The finish on this bass is a Maple top on the TRB's solid ash body. The 24-fret through neck’s 35” scale length gives added depth to the low-B string and the custom electronics, complete with Alnico V humbucking pickups, 3-band active EQ and Piezo equipped saddles. The long-scale, 2-octave, through-body necks are perfect for optimum sustain, tonal response and playing range. In addition to the powerful Alnico V double-coil pickups, the bass features individual brass mini-bridges for each string, loaded with a Piezo pickup system. A pickup balancer and separate Piezo volume control allow the sound sources to be blended together which, in conjunction with the three-band active EQ, offer a simply amazing range of sounds. Specifications Construction: Through-neck Scale Length - 35" (889mm) - Fingerboard: Ebony Radius - 19 11/16" (500mm) Frets: 24 (2 octave) Body: Light Ash with Maple top/back Neck: Maple / premium grade Mahogany 5-piece through-the-body Bridge: Yamaha BPZ-7 with five piezo-loaded saddles/string anchors Pickups: Alnico V Humcancelled x2, Piezo: P.U. Controls - Master volume, Pickup balancer, Piezo volume and 3-band EQ. It has three small areas where the varnish has come off. A purely aesthetic matter, which does not affect the function of the instrument at all. (Attached pictures) Original case is included. £1290/ 1500€
  2. Yes it is ... it also has a crystal clear, clear, deep sound ...
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  4. Yamaha TRB John Patitucci Signature Bass in good condition + Harvest Leather Bass Bag in good condition too. Details: YAMAHA TRB JP2 Weight: 11,24 lbs / 5,1 kg. Scale: 35” Bridge: 19mm 26 frets Nut: 2 3/16” Radius: 40” Body: Alder and Ash (layered), with Quilt Maple top and back Neck: Maple 3 pcs Fingerboard: Ebony Bolt-on neck Hardware: Gold; Tuners have white perloid pegheads Pickups: Alnico V hum cancelling Electronics: Volume, Blend, 3 band EQ (+/- Treble Mid Bass) N.B. the mid control is continuous, as opposed to the 3-way rotary selector switch found on the earlier TRB JP model and other TRBs/BBs Mother of Pearl and Abalone inlays, gloss finish. HARVEST LEATHER BASS BAG Cow Antique. Calf leather in retro look.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. ♦ ️ Vendo este bajo de la marca De Gier, con tan solo 10 meses. Modelo BeBop 4, acabado "reliquia". Aún en garantía (14 meses). Estoy interesado en un cambio por un bajo de 5 cuerdas tipo Fender Ultra Jazz Bass V o similar; También estoy interesado en Yamaha trb 5p (Ajustando la diferencia de valor) Especificaciones: Bodywood: Aliso. Mástil: arce. Diapasón: Palisandro. Incrustaciones: Puntos perlados blancos. Pastillas: Fralin. Puente: Cromo. Sintonizadores: Chrome. Color: Sunburst de 3 tonos. Acabado de reliquia. Golpeador: Celuloide de tortuga roja más oscura. Bolsa original incluida. Gastos de envío compartidos.
  7. I sell this beautiful Eminence Upright Acoustic Bass. The finish of this instrument is totally different from the others as it has a french polish. Sound very similar to amplified double bass. It has a Realist pickup installed. Foldable stand. Padded soft bag (20mm foam) with handles and back straps. I give a Krivo magnetic pick up. Specs: Length: 1,60 m ( 62,99 in) Without endpin. Weight: 6 kg. (13,22 lb) Incl. gigbag Neck: Maple. Fingerboard: Ebony. Top: Laminate Spruce. Back: Laminated Flamed Maple. Ribs: Laminated Flamed Maple. 7,6 cm. (2,99 in) Scale: 105 cm. (41,33 in) Body Size: 26 x 82 cm. ( 10,23 x 32,28 in) Bassbar and Soundpost: Spruce. Bridge: Maple adjustable. Tailpiece: Solid Brass. Removable Wooden Waist Extension. Anti-rotational endpin, the Steady-Foot.
  8. PRICE DROP!!! 2.300€ (2100 £ ) FS/FT SCHECTER JAZZ BASS V THE ORIGINAL CALIFORNIA CUSTOM, USA 97 NECK: Spectacular Birdseye Maple. FINGERBOARD: Rosewood BODY: Ash, built in 2 pieces. SCALE: 34 ". Very very comfortable. TRADES: Partial. (Fretless; Fender Jazz Bass V...) WHEIGHT: 4.5 kg; (10 lb) approx. PICKUPS: Monster Tone; Active / Passive. Very few basses of this model were built. Only on request. Schecter, at this time, was still making parts for other brands. Among them Rudy Pensa . It is very versatile and has an incredible range of sounds. The 5th string is simply magnificent: defined and deep. The bass is in Valencia.
  9. I'm sure he is one of the best Smith. It has a finish, a weight and a perfect age.
  10. The sound is spectacular. I assure. I think this distance, for my taste, is much, but much more precise. It has a depth and a medium / bass that the rest of Smith is missing. And I assure you that I know many models of Smith basses, of different years and made with different woods. The medium sounds like the best Smith. It is a very comfortable bass: it has 36 mm in the nut.
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