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  1. They are fantastic. I sold off my US SUB and G&L SB2 when I got mine. Enjoy!
  2. Yeah, the HH has lots going on. I have a lot of backline supplied for me, so typically set everything as flat as I can on the amp and use the on board pre to adjust tone. I find if I keep the bass at about 75% for every pickup selection and adjust mids and treble depending on pickup selection, I can adjust quickly enough between songs without to much dial twisting. For switch setting 4, I turn up the mids to help get close to a precision tone, for #5 setting I drop the mids to just below the detent and increase treble a bit to help with note definition. i couldn’t imagine making adjustments on the amp, just to much going on Good luck
  3. A Fender Flea RW Jazz for me. Lose pots, thin anemic tone and too road worn. The sales guy was hyping it quite a bit, as soon as the pot spun in my hand, I hung it back on the wall. I don't expect that on a $300 bass, never mind a $1400 bass. The thing was just unboxed that day too.
  4. Yup, a Slo Special neck is what you are looking for. Jazz size at the nut, but a bit thicker front to back. It's a great neck. I find it a bit thicker front to back than a typical jazz. It's a great neck. I believe EBMM discontinued the Slo necks in 2017, so you may need to buy used.
  5. I will always have a stingray. I love a good precision too but just couldn't get the punch out of a pbass like I can out of a Stingray. Nice bass.
  6. Stingray 4HH. Although a bit late, I just picked up a honeyburst slo special. An absolutely fantastic instrument. This one will be staying with me.
  7. I have no experience with that particular cab but can add this. Yorkville is part of Traynor and are very common here (in Canada). Usually the quality is top notch, very durable and road worthy gear. I've owned Traynor cabs in the past which were light and loud. Although some older models can be heavy. Maybe do a search on talkbass.com to see if anyone has any experiences with that particular cab.
  8. G&L SB-2 Tribute maybe? Not sure if that is cheap to you, but it does have a very nice jazz sized neck.
  9. Its the most recorded bass in history by far. Simple, not alot to go wrong with it. I too avoided the P, played active PJ's and Stingrays until i bought a passive Squier CV 50s on a whim. The tone was close to what i hear in my head, so sold the single coil and went to a split coil. Bingo, tone found! I dabble with other types of basses but will always have a P.
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