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  1. Good to hear, and I’ll absolutely give you a bell when I’m next down! You still got the Status? And it’s all going well so far, just got to get out once is allowed and get playing with some new people
  2. Hey Andy! How’s it all going? Shall definitely have to catch up and have a pint when I’m next down south!
  3. The enormous Orange rig is PMT’s thankfully! 😂 I definitely was surprised by how much fun the Sandberg was when I picked it up!
  4. Thanks ezbass! I currently play a custom Fbass BN5, a Fender CS ‘61 Precision and a Sandberg TM4 Pics below!
  5. Hello, I’m a bass player living just outside of Manchester looking to chat/nose about bass so I don’t have to keep boring my partner! I mainly play jazz/soul/funk etc. but am comfortable playing anything really, and I’m a proper nerd about gear and am lucky enough to have some rather nice instruments Cheers for having me! Sully
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