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  1. We used to finish our set with a version of the Last of the Mohicans tune (The Gael) and it built from a slow start until it was a galloping bass line. Frequently I used to get cramp in my fingers during this after a whole night of playing,  so I started playing this tune with a pic. It stopped the cramps which would turn my hand into a useless claw! 

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  2. Another thing to watch out for is sibilance. Apologies if you know about this but in case you don’t. Having your mouth too close to the mic when pronouncing “S” or “CH” sounds can cause an un attractive hiss if you don’t learn how to control it. Again, I had years of practice but you still need a sound check just in case it’s not you. 

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  3. Syncopation alone isn't all bad. There’s  syncopation and there’s syncopation. Some songs can be really quite complicated and vary in timings but for some reason you can nail them. Possibly because the vocal works around the varying rythms  Then there’s others (“all these things I’ve done” for me) where the simplest little bit can floor you and you just can’t get it. I will reiterate, the bass part needs to be learned ad nauseum so that EVERY bit of concentration is given to the vocal. I know if I had given more time to rehearsing that verse I would have got it but I always thought we are getting away with it and I have so much else to learn. 
    we used to play “into the mystic” by Van Morrison. No trouble. “Crazy little thing called love”

    by queen. Again, no trouble. The syncopated parts in those songs offered no problems but that damned Killers song! 

  4. 8 hours ago, whave said:

    My accuracy, tempo and dynamics are all a lot more consistent when playing with a pick, as that's how I originally learned to play, donkey's years ago.


    Yet today 90% of the time I play fingerstyle and loving it... :) Just feels like I'll never get muting and raking right, even though muting comes so naturally with the pick I don't even pay attention to it.


    im the opposite. I like to use a pick for certain songs for the attack but I find I get all mixed up when I need to play different strings. I’m just so used to playing finger style. 

  5. We used to play "All These Things I've Done" by The Killers. Dead easy bass line but I struggled to play and sing the verse because of the timing of the bass. I tried and tried but couldn't do both. I had to simplify it and it annoyed the hell out of me every time we played it. I could play far more complicated songs and sing over them but that one always stumped me.

  6. I remember many years ago when I was first forced into singing (our very average singer had left) and I first heard my voice coming from speakers it was weird. It takes a bit of getting used to at first. I think you just have to say f*** it! And just belt it out. You will soon learn how to regulate your voice

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  7. I was the bass player and singer for our band for many years. I always hated the sound of my own voice but people kept saying I was decent. I tried getting someone else in to sing but everyone said it won't be the same band so I was stuck with it.

    As for singing and playing, you just have to get the bass part learned until it's pure muscle memory so that you can concentrate on the vocal. If it's a particularly hard part break it down and think which notes land on which lyric and try and play it simplified. Once you get that then you can try to add the rest of the fills or whatever. It worked for me.

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  8. 59 minutes ago, Doctor J said:

    I have a pretty big clue, I would say, and we both know Stewart has a clue, too. Again, I would suggest that anyone who has a problem with someone wearing a shirt, when they'd be ok with that person while not wearing the shirt, deserves all the self-generated ire they get.


    But none of this gets the genial Adam Clayton any credit.



    I am not going to keep this going only to say that Rod Stewart knew exactly what he was doing but underestimated the trouble he would cause. No one has a problem with him supporting one team or the other but rubbing peoples faces in it? I am sure if you stood up in Liverpool and wore an Everton shirt you would cause similar unrest. same with Sunderland and Newcastle. It doesn't matter if sound minded people say that's ridiculous. It happens.

  9. 22 minutes ago, Doctor J said:

    Besides, anyone who gets upset by a football jersey deserves to get upset. When Iron Maiden perform The Trooper, Bruce waves a Union flag. In many countries, that flag was the symbol of centuries of oppression, but he still waves it in those countries. It's part of an Iron Maiden show. It's part of the theatre. If you don't like the flag, or the jersey, or the artist's political beliefs, or their religion or anything else, then can you really like the artist? Does Rod Stewart not wearing a Celtic jersey make him any less Catholic, if that is what is offensive to people when he wears the jersey?



    You obviously have no clue about the tribalism that goes on with football in this part of the world. Wearing another teams colours is about as serious a crime as you could get.

  10. 12 hours ago, mikel said:

    Funny, but people seem to take against any vocalist or lyricist who takes on politics or sensitive subjects. I suppose its easier to write "Oooo baby I really love you" stuff. I rate Bono, not many people would go to America and bad mouth the IRA in the 80s. "One" is still my favourite love song.



    I cannot agree with this. Singers can have political views but they should not talk about them when they perform. I once saw Hugh and cry at a festival. The singer did nothing but preach his politics the whole way through their set. I didn't care much for them before but absolutely detested them afterwards. If a singer has strong political views he/she runs the risk of alienating some of their audience. 

    It's rather like Rod Stewart coming onstage in Glasgow wearing a Celtic strip. He nearly caused a riot, then said oh, I didn't realise it would cause so much trouble. You wear any colours in any city and you immediately cause a divide.

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  11. 6 hours ago, neepheid said:


    You went to the Guitar Guitar in Glasgow and it had heaps of basses/5s/fretless/lefties.  You went to quite probably the best place for physically looking at basses in the whole of Scotland and thought you'd extrapolate it out to cover everywhere?  Did you look in Kenny's or Merchant City?  That'll bring you back down to a more average experience, but both of them are still better than some.


    Then come to Aberdeen.  We only have one shop now - a Kenny's which tries to squeeze everything (guitars, keys, drums etc.) in because of its geography and has a bass:guitar ratio of about 4:1.  This may seem healthy but there's less space.  There is no dedicated floor to basses, there's a corner - and for that we are to be grateful.  If there's a 5 or a fretless it's probably there by mistake.  There's a cool second hand instrument shop but it's even smaller and the ratio varies but it is invariably worse than Kenny's and of course it's pure pot luck what they have in at any time.


    I enjoy a visit to Guitar Guitar in Glasgow when I'm down there but believe me, it's anything but normal!



    Well I live in Oban so have to travel 100 miles to Glasgow to get into a music shop. There was one here but it's closed now and only does online sales. I do come up to Aberdeen all too often for my job but never have I looked around for music shops. I realise there are smaller shops but as far as cities go when there's a large shop you expect to see a wide range of instruments, even if a lot are second hand.

  12. 11 hours ago, leroydiamond said:

    They were never my cup of tea and Bono just gets on my tits



    Funnily enough, I am not a huge fan  but I have all of their albums and when they come on on random I quite enjoy them but I totally agree about Bonio. He is an annoying twatt!

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  13. 12 hours ago, Lozz196 said:

    Yeah I’ve got a couple of their albums and think they’re a good band, the hate thing may well come from how popular How You Remind Me was, it was everywhere when it came out.



    Personally, I think they are too commercial for the heavy metal fans and too heavy for the pop fans. If you go past their singles they have some great songs.

  14. 50 minutes ago, dmccombe7 said:

    Yep i quite like Nickelback too. Dont see the issue if a band does what it does well.




    I created a thread ages ago asking why so many didn't like Nickelback. Some said because they are shyte and various other insults. I like them and saw them live a few years ago. They were great and had a superb sound. They are one of the most successful rock bands ever so I guess they don't mind too much.

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  15. 38 minutes ago, Leonard Smalls said:

    To be fair, I've not seen much hatred of him here.



    Not on this particular thread but there have been other mentions of Adam Clayton where he got some terrible stick from some. Same with Mike Kroeger.

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  16. I don't get the hatred of Clayton. Same as the hatred for  Mike Kroeger out of Nickelback. They play just what the songs need. Maybe they are told to just play what's needed.

    If you look at Cliff Williams from AC/DC, he is told to keep it simple. Same with the drumming. No fills or rolls. Just simple. Let Angus take the spotlight. None of these guys care as they are pocketing a  fortune and the fans are happy.

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  17. On 21/11/2021 at 18:17, owen said:

    Someone will be along very soon to tell us that he is not going slappityy-tapitty-300bpmityy-shredityy. But they are probably not in a full time succesful band in the music business who could retire on the proceeds tomorrow. And fund their children for the rest of their lives.



    I always think this when folk slag off players. Im sure they are worried about your opinion as they drive their Lotus into their massive driveway.

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