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  1. This is the bass I bought. I plan to keep it as it feels great and the specs on the site match the bass and the 2016 models. I have no malice against the shop I was just unsure of the usual time line. Thanks for the replies Ian https://www.wembleymusiccentre.com/fender-american-standard-precision-bass-3-tone-sunburst-maple-neck.html
  2. Thanks for the replies, I am keeping it, it's what I wanted. It is/was new when it arrived, all tags and bits in the case that came with it. It also does not keep me awake at night. Just wondering if anyone has had the same thing, or if you are in line for one of the last replaced models and it might bother you then check 👍
  3. 3 tone sunburst, with a maple neck. Not that unusual.
  4. Hi all. Just bought myself a new Fender American Standard bass which was delivered on Friday. I am more than happy with the bass, but after running the serial number I have found out it was made in 2012 ! Just wondering what some of your thoughts might be. Thanks Ian
  5. Hi, Where do you get the pick guards from ?? thanks ian
  6. Hi All, not a bassist, but I now have a bass I am learning. should have bought it years ago really. Ian
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