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  1. UK Foo Fighters in Brighton weekend before last. Second time I've seen these boys and they are bloody good. A great crowd up for a good time, and a top venue sealed the deal, and we had an excellent evening out. Their 'Dave' does the shouty bits, the drummer sings 'Cold Day In The Sun', bass-man has a Nate Mendel P-bass - what comes over is that they are trying really, really hard to be as good as possible and the band are all having a good time. Which, as we know, filters down to the crowd and helps set up a good atmosphere. Contrast that to the very next morning - a bit of jazz from Herbie Flowers at the Dome. Nice.
  2. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1508413713' post='3392004'] It says "for various charities" on the official website, I've read it. [/quote] Suitably corrected, I'd only read the FB page for the event, where I could find no mention of charity.
  3. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1508396619' post='3391856'] I've asked three times in this thread what the supported charity (ies) are at this festival and looked on the website to no avail. [/quote] It doesn't appear to be a charity event at all, the ones being charitable are the bands playing for nowt. The op said the email from the organisers mentioned being let down by a sponsor, hence the request to play for free. If you look at the FB page for the event this shortfall has been covered by promo from the holiday park hosting the event, and ticket sales. I don't work for free either. Good call op.
  4. Ok, it's not an amp, but another vote for the Phil Jones cans. Light, comfortable, a sniff on the bass-heavy side, but very nice sounding.
  5. My first name is not Nigel. I tinker with planes for a living. Not the big flying buses; the little rattly tin cans that buzz over your house at the weekends, disturbing the peace.
  6. 2 fretted 4's - BB424X & 'pimped' J&D Jazz. 1 fretted acoustic 4 - a cheapie Harley Benton, bought after following the 'deko' thread. A uke
  7. Kanye. Band - not really. Overrated? By a zillion billion squillion miles.
  8. My son was given a half-eaten croissant by Herbie Flowers.
  9. [quote name='Les' timestamp='1503800941' post='3360950']I would like to take the opportunity while I'm here to remind readers of my weekly apres gig fine dining guide over in the status update column as well [/quote] In that case, having binned the flags, you could use the space to hang banners advertising local kebab shops? It could be a win-win situation...
  10. Drugs could be your friend here, much more rock and roll than cancelling too. However my sensible, risk-assessing head says - get it looked at first, just in case you've sustained some proper damage.
  11. Reflects the amount of work gone into it, well done fella.
  12. Have you contacted Ashdown? Their customer service is pretty good. [url="http://ashdownmusic.com/support/technical/"]http://ashdownmusic.com/support/technical/[/url]
  13. [quote name='Raymondo' timestamp='1501163897' post='3342982'] If it's near me I'd be happy to help though getting it down to you[/quote] Likewise.
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