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  1. Great stylish mic. Project is over. Good condition.
  2. 5 hipshot tuners from the era before they stamped hipshot on each tuner. easy swap over.
  3. Great tuner. Still has protective film on screen but is used.
  4. Awesome auto wah and loads of other sounds. Turns out I had it for one song! Sat on shelf. well looked after.
  5. Well looked after octave pedal. Barely used. Just sat on shelf. Looking for sale not trade.
  6. Well looked after chorus pedal. Looking for sale not trade.
  7. Jumping from 4-5 string isn’t that big a deal. Once your right hand has allowed for the extra string in the way. 6 string has caused me issues the last few times I’ve forgotten I can’t get on with them and bought one again. I think it’s that whether you play 4 or 5 the original 4 strings are where your fretting hand expects them and so in order to play the bottom b you have to stretch up to it. Add in the 6the string underneath and my whole hand has shifted downwards by a couple of cm and this throws me off. Hopefully that makes sense. so I find I can jump between 4 and 5 easily but not so much with a 6.
  8. I think I bought a whole TC rig back in ‘14/15. ive been using the genz cab I’m selling for the last 2 years though, the covering they use does mark easily. It hasn’t been driven hard. I’ve used the 210 for pit band work last couple of years.
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