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  1. Thanks for all the awesome replies and sorry it's taken so long to respond! I've got a Dean Edge 6 string 35" scale. It's nothing fancy but it plays and sounds nice. Thodrik, you clearly know a lot more than I do lol. The entire bass will be tuned down a step so it sounds like I have to make a pick 'n mix set. Any suggestions of which gauges to pick? Bare in mind I know very little so Im hoping somebody will just say "Buy these strings" or "Get these gauges and they will handle standard and down one step" sort of thing lol
  2. Those are guitar strings mate. I need bass strings and to be honest I'm just after some advice for an appropriate gauge
  3. Hi guys. So I am soon going to be rehearsing with a new band who play in drop A tuning. I have a 6 string bass which currently has no strings on it. Could anybody advice me on an appropriate gauge string to use for the 6 string that will sound good in drop a, and possibly drop F (if it comes to it). Been playing a long time but still gash with string gauges. Thanks
  4. [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=4]First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong section. If needs be, feel free to move the post. I'm just looking for bass players (Or any musicians) in the Gloucester area. I've been out of the music scene for a few years now and, after moving to Gloucester, I don't know any musicians so it's very difficult to stay motivated without other musicians to hang out with and discuss things with. So if there are any musicians in the Gloucester area then get in touch as it'll be great to chat. [/size][/font]
  5. Well I called my dad to ask him (as it's his stuff) and, apparently, it's not actually solder. It's industrial strength locking wire that he uses when fixing aircraft's and you wouldn't be able to melt it even if you used a flame thrower. So that solves that one lol.
  6. Hi there. I am trying to fix my friends bass guitar but, for some reason, I just can not get my solder to melt :\ At first I tried a 30w iron. Didn't work. Then I tried a 40w iron. Still didn't work. So I tried a 100w soldering gun. Solder still won't melt. It is absolutely frying me now. It's not industrial strength solder or anything like that. Just stuff I got from maplins. I have tried leaving all the soldering irons on for 20 minutes or so and trying, still nothing. Am I missing something? or am I being dumb? Or is my solder not really solder? I'm so fried it's actually starting to stress me out a bit lol. This is my solder (is it definitely solder?)
  7. I have been wrapping an old football sock around the neck Works a treat. She is learning on my ESP 6 string which has beautiful action and brand spanking new strings Thanks guys!
  8. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1393145065' post='2376521'] Hey David, Welcome! I'd cuddle with the llama, but it looks like one that might want to kiss me. Enjoy the banter! bert [/quote] T'is a very seductive Llama
  9. Thanks Alyctes flyfisher - Thanks doc Yeah, she is specifically drawn to bass. I have offered to teach her a few different instruments (violin wasn't a well appreciate one ) but she wants to learn bass
  10. I am not really much of a bass teacher. Well, I'm not a bass teacher. I can play well enough and I've taught a few people, but I have recently taken on another student who can only play with one hand. She was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago which left her with serious damage to her right arm which has caused paralysis of her right arm so she is learning one handed bass. The problem is I am not sure how to teach her. Most of the music I play is either slap bass or melodic multi-string picking. Does anybody have any advice at all on how to go about teaching her? So far I have got her practicing basic patterns to get her finger strength up for hammer on's. I am also planning to have her practicing pull off's with different finger combinations but, aside from that, I am not sure where to go. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  11. Hi there. I'm David. New to the forums. Played bass for around 11 years now. Currently have an ESP LTD D-6 6 string, 1969 Fretless Fender Jazz Bass, Westfield VBS4a and a Luna Andromeda Dragon (Also a couple of guitars but we don't need to talk about that) I use a Laney RBW something amp (I can't remember. It's behind me and I really can't be bothered to turn around) I am in a progressive death metal band but, due to me moving house soon, I won't be in it for long. I play a bit of metal (obviously) but I mostly enjoy playing slap bass and more melodic stuff (really enjoy playing John Myung's 'Solar Groove' Also used to play in a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band. t'was jolly good fun. Also, here is a picture of a Llama.
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