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  1. Accidentally purchased Vulfpeck Beautiful Game CD when trying to buy the vinyl on Discogs. Looking to pass it on. :)

    1. SpondonBassed


      Yes please.


    2. LukeFRC


      too slow!

  2. HELPER NEEDED for London Bass Guitar Show. 

    I need an extra pair of hands on my stand in case I need to go pee or eat or suchlike. I can get you in the show (and you're free to wander around and go watch the artists) as long as you check in with me periodically. Ideally if you can hang around till the end of Sunday and watch my stuff while I go get the van that'd be good too. 

    I'll buy you lunch and get you entry for both days. DM/PM me if you feel like doing it. :)

    1. jebroad


      If you're still looking- I'm up for it

    2. Chownybass


      All sorted! 



  3. We're back! NAMM COMPLETED! 

    *ping* Achievement Unlocked 50G


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    2. Daz39


      They look really nice with the pickups like that btw (and the colours)

    3. Chownybass



      Ah, is that what it is. OK thanks.

      Yeah. We've been making them a while. I wouldn't say they're a faker though, more that they are designed in that style. :)

    4. knicknack


      Just had a play with the NT4... very very impressed!

  4. NAMM Badge deadline is tomorrow. If anybody wants a badge to come check out our stuff, hit me up!

    1. Rich


      One of these years when I can afford the flights, I'll take you up on that :lol: 

    2. Chownybass


      Rather save your money for a sapphire burst CHB 😉

  5. On BBC 1 News this evening talking about the effects of Brexit on an import/export manufacturing business. Weird day! 

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    2. Bass_Guardian


      Actually shouted your name out at my tv last night.

      I know that bass! That's a Chowny! Oooft its Stevie!

    3. Chownybass
    4. RichardH


      Yep - I spotted you too! 

  6. Cancellations have left me bereft of Bristol bassists for my videos. If anybody fancies doing one and can drag a drummer along let me know.... 

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    2. funkyjimbob


      Well, I am in Cardiff most weeks Monday to Thursday for work so that's even closer? I am able to help if you need me to. :)

    3. jebroad


      I'm more than happy to leave school and commute by train from derby daily. 

  7. Anybody on here speak Italian and can spare me 10 minutes of your time? :)

    1. HazBeen


      My wife and her sister are both Italian. If you cannot find a 'direct' BC member willing to help feel free to contact me, I am sure my mrs. or my sister in law will help if I ask nicely.

    2. Silvia Bluejay

      Silvia Bluejay

      As long as it doesn't require having to speak to a native on the phone*, I'm happy to help. :)

      * My speaking-proper-Italian-to-strangers skills have gone seriously downhill in the last 25 years.

    3. Chownybass


      Thanks to Silvia I'm now sorted.


  8. Any friendly bass players with a tame drummer that feel like dropping into Bristol at Chowny HQ to shoot a video and promote their band? :)

  9. Our new Bristol office is finally open :)

    Basschatters welcome to come and have a play (by appointment at the moment) 

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    2. Burns-bass


      Nice, that's great. When I'm not working, I'll pop along (by appointment!).

      Good luck with everything, they look like fantastic instruments. 


    3. Rich


      Ah, lovely Larn Sill. Never a dull moment there xD 

      Well done on such a cool looking permanent residence. Might pop in for a play and a chat at some point, although I fear I would end up walking away with a sapphire burst CHB despite the fact that the last thing I need is another 4 string bass xD


    4. Chownybass


      You'd be safe Rich - as I don't have any sapphire CHB-1s at the moment :)

  10. Guess rumours were true. Gibson files for Chapter 11 


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    2. Kevsy71


      You’re on Chapter 10, all the way up, all the way up...Where can you go from there? Nowhere. What we do, is if we need that extra push over the cliff...Chapter 11.

    3. SpondonBassed


      Commerce huh?

      Who's going to buy the name and intellectual rights from the receivers?

      This might be just the acquisition that HB needs to gain some street cred.

      Never mind Gibson... bring back Woolworths and their cheapo decorative/starter instruments.

      Seriously though; The bigger they are the harder they fall.  It's sad to see it happen in this instance.

    4. Meddle


      You got the last laugh!

  11. We have conquered NAMM! :) It's good to be back.

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    2. Chownybass


      It seems to be so far. Retailers on the hook. Lots of interesting endorsers too.

    3. Passinwind


      It looked like you were doing consistent business every time I walked by.

    4. Sibob


      Nice to meet you at last too! The 33" CHB's were very cool!
      Would like to see how they are with some flats or tapes on them :)


  12. Woo. NAMM baby! On my way. :)

    1. Sibob


      Got a booth? Or just hanging out? I'll be there, so would be good to say Hi :)

    2. Chownybass


      Got a booth! 4252. Come visit.

    3. Sibob


      See you there!

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