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Michael J

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  1. Cause for a refund?

    It sounds to me that you have grounds for a full refund, including the return postage. Misleading advertising on their part, whatever the cause.
  2. Cause for a refund?

    In what way are they different? Drivers' performance does alter when broken in compared to brand spanking new, and these changes are permanent: bass response can go down a few more Hertz, sensitivity up a bit, etc, (the suspension frees up). Fresh out of the box is not what you end up with unless you never turn up the wick.
  3. Watts?

    [quote name='Japhet' timestamp='1476949491' post='3158649'] I'd liken the whole debate to the difference between petrol and diesel engines. Petrol engines may produce a lot of peak horsepower but produce way less torque than a diesel engine unable to get anywhere near the peak horsepower rating. People seem to be obsessed with horsepower, whereas torque is really a much more telling statistic. (I know much more about engines than I do about sound engineering ) [/quote] Petrol actually produces more torque than diesel when compared like for like. It's true. Believe it or not, it's still true.
  4. How Low Can I Go?

    Practice slooowwwwly. The effort required to hold down a string is probably far less than you are actually applying. Work on using minimum force, and maximum precision, and go slow. Speed comes naturally, it is accuracy that you want to get into your hands.
  5. Delay and Reverb uncertainty

    I picked up a small, dead guitar amplifier (Park, by Marshall) from a market junk stall for a few quid, because it had a spring reverb tank in the bottom of it. I was under no illusions, I thought the amplifier was trashed and I was right but I only wanted the tank. After getting home and a couple of minutes with a screwdriver later, it went into the effects loop of my four-track and Yay! 'verb on whatever I want. A few caveats: 1. it loses about 30dB of signal, a volt or two input comes out as a literal handful of millivolts, you need a following gain stage capable of boosting a microphone or moving-magnet phono cartridge up to line level again; 2. it is larger than most pedals and far more delicate; 3. it is physically microphonic, feedback can occur if it is mounted in a poor (or good?) location, it will 'verb if banged, etc. It's great. It's a Belton, specs. available online.
  6. Multiple inputs into pedal

    I have an old Tascam four-track cassette deck which is also (primarily, for me) a most useful mixer. Four 1/4" jack inputs at the front, mic/line, effects send (mono) and stereo return, level adjusters, tone controls, pan, and stuff. Oh, did I mention, it can also record, bounce tracks, mix-down, overdub, monitor off-tape and record at the same time, etc. It runs off 12V DC. One of the best £4 I have ever spent.
  7. We can refinish this bass

    My immediate thought too, that location is awkward and while a patch-up might be good enough it equally might not stay that way long term. As you have decent insurance and they are happy to have it restored, getting it back to "as new" seems the bestest of all possible options.
  8. Do we play bass guitars the wrong way round?

    The left hand has to do things in time (before time) while the right hand has to do things at the right time. Which is more critical?
  9. Why does the string contact the fret below the one you are playing on? It should not do so.
  10. I has a trombone :D

    I do like the loud.
  11. I has a trombone :D

    It can RIP. Chords? Oooh!
  12. I has a trombone :D

    It's GOD'S OWN BUGLE! How do you play trombone without laughing? I can't do that.
  13. I has a trombone :D

    [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1473060082' post='3126382'] Bass trombone with valves? Wattage? Brand? Congrats [/quote] No. Variable. No. Thank you.
  14. I has a trombone :D

    I has. A trombone.
  15. Replacement Jazz Pickups

    [quote name='Number6' timestamp='1472036284' post='3117845']So any suggestions good citizens of BC? [/quote] Not what you are looking for?