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  1. Thanks for all the replies and advice guys! This is all super helpful. Yesterday was the first time I’ve played around with wireless IEMs etc so I’m sure there was an element of me being a novice. All I did was try playing along to a backing track with the track plugged into one input and the bass into the other. This morning I tried EBS_freak’s suggestion, and there is a definite drop in audio quality going through the transmitter rather than direct from the source. I also think my seal isn’t fantastic, so a combination of the two is probably what’s lead to the overall low quality. The transmitter unfortunately I may have to deal with as I can’t really afford to spend the amount of money needed for a decent one! I’m thinking of getting some earpieces moulded which may also help. Further experimentation with levels and EQ might also resolve it. Thanks again for all the advice, great stuff!
  2. Me and my band are straying into the realm of using IEMs to eliminate the need for onstage cabs and sound. I today just bought a pair of Sennheiser SE535s and the SubZero SZ-IM2 transmitter & receiver and, I don’t know, I’m disappointed. Admittedly I’ve never tried IEMs before so I didn’t know what to expect, but for hundreds of pounds worth of gear, I expected better sound quality. I get better clarity from my Apple earphones frankly, please someone tell me I’m doing something wrong?
  3. Hi, is this still for sale?
  4. I recently bought an old battered no-name precision off of Fleabay to relic and use as a back up, however as can be the case with eBay, there's an issue with the electronics, there's only a buzzing sound when I plug in! As a disclaimer, I'm an absolute amateur when it comes to electronics, no knowledge, so excuse any stupid or blatant things I say. I looked up a wiring diagram and compared it to what's actually present on my bass and it appears that the Tip (hot output) is connected to the inner portion of the jack socket (should be connected to the outer I believe?) and that there is no wire (sleeve?) going from the tone pot to the jack socket. Also the ground wire is connected to both pots and the Jack socket (on the inner ring where the hot output should be), I don't know if this is correct?
  5. Thanks for the quick replies guys! I'll try plugging straight in and if that's an issue then I'll look at my options, it would only be for use in rehearsals, I got them free so might as well use them if I can
  6. I have recently acquired a pair of Peavey Eurosys 1PMs (one powered and one passive) and I haven't the foggiest about sound engineering. What I want to know is how would I need to use these to run vocals through say? Do I need a micing desk as well? Or can I run a mic/instrument straight into the powered monitor? Can give pictures if need be
  7. Hi mate, how realistic is you dropping it off to South Manc? I know it's cheeky but I don't drive!
  8. Ohh okay then, cheers again!
  9. Thanks very much for that! Wasn't aware that you needed a cab to record out of the DI anyway, thought it worked like a DI box! And I'd heard about the valve change, might look into it a bit more
  10. I recently purchased myself an OBT 500 Watt head after having played one on a whim in PMT, whilst originally looking for an ABM 500 EVO III, but was just blown away by the volume and tone of the Orange (and the fact that it was a good £250 cheaper!). I did a bit of research before purchasing and came across the complaints of the DI out not being great, and being far too loud, I was just wondering if that is still the case on newer models? I'm in the studio on Wednesday and would rather DI than lug my 4x10 there, and just don't want to turn up and not be able to record. Cheers in advance
  11. Would you be willing to sell only the head?
  12. Bought myself a BH250 6 months ago and twice it's broken on me, first time was a few weeks after I bought it, the toneprint knob wasn't working at all, and the the second time, exactly what was described here happened to me after plugging into a BC212 cab! Good thing it has a 2 year warranty!
  13. Bought a relic'd Bridge cover off of Daniel, very reasonably priced too! Very quick, easy transaction, and a pleasure to deal with. Also paid for 1st class postage! What a gent! Jake
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