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  1. I've had my Sire M2 5 String for just over 6 months now, I bought one to see how I'd get on with a 5 stirng. I'm really happy with it can't believe they charge so little for them! The tuners aren't the best so have been considering upgrading them. The bass sounds good, except when I play it straight after my Stingray - unsurprisingly the tone of the stingray blows it away. So I was wondering whether I should swap out the pickups? Does anybody out there own one and has done the same?
  2. Guinness21

    Darkglass X7

    It's interesting reading this topic, refreshing as it seems on talkbass you can't say anything about Darkglass unless it's high praise. I own a vmt, fantastic 'traditional sounding' drive. I nearly bought a b7k but in the end I bought a Pike Vulcan XL, the Vulcan XL is much more versatile thanks to the colour switch. I am surprised and slightly disappointed at how similar sounding the AO is to the b7k - to my ears at least. The x7 is a nice idea but again it's not a different enough sound for me.
  3. Recently bought a Sire M2 5-string, love it but looking to fit some strap locks. Does anyone own one of these? Wondering whether I'll have to re-drill.
  4. Anyone heard or seen anything about this? Been out over a year now and I've yet to see any reviews anywhere
  5. Is it worth throwing the name Bergantino into the mix? Never been impressed by Barefaced cabs personally, impressed by the Vanderkley cab I tried but preferred the Bergantino.
  6. Does anybody know anything about raynaud's disease? I have it and it's a pain whenever we're playing in a cold venue or outdoors. A mate said I should get some leather fingerless gloves, would they help? Cheers
  7. What's on my board at the minute: - TC Polytune - Diamond Bass Comp - Vulcan Pike XL - TC Spark Mini (never use) What I'd love to have: - Darkglass B7K - Darkglass VMT - Dunwich ODB - Dunwich Volt Thrower - Fuzzrocious Grey Stache - Wren & Cuff TFR - Mr. Black Fwonkbeta - 3leaf Octabvre mini - MXR Bass Distortion ...might need a bigger board
  8. For the longest time I've been fantasising about an Elwood Absolution in a sunburst finish over a burled map top with a set of Nordstrand big singles in! Last couple of days though I've been entertaining the idea of having a Chris Novak darkstar-type pickup dropped into a jake, or maybe 2 into an elwood c.
  9. Hi, I would ideally like to be able to fit my Markbass Little Mark Tube in the pocket of a gig bag. I'm looking at the Protec Contego & The Protection Racket soft case. I read that someone on here could fit their Genz Streamliner 900 inside the big pocket on the Contego. I was considering the Fusion F1 but I emailed them and they said it wouldn't fit and I'd need one of the extra bags that attach to the outside. Any thoughts on the 2 I'm looking at and/or any others? Love the likes of the Mono Vertigo but it's way too expensive.
  10. I have my amp, my pedalboard and a foldaway stand that I want to fit all in one bag. The amp has its own bag as does the pedalboard, currently I can fit the amp and the stand folded up into a backpack. However that means I have to bags to carry on top of my bass and cabinet. Anybody any thoughts? Thinking a duffel bag is the only type of bag big enough to fit everything in.
  11. [quote name='Manton Customs' timestamp='1475951477' post='3150067'] The finish won't affect anything to do with a general setup. What is it you're concerned about? [/quote] I mean I'm after having a setup and having the neck finish sorted in one go, by somebody who has experience of stingray neck finishes [quote name='umcoo' timestamp='1475954755' post='3150105'] Jack Ellis in Cheatham Hill, Manchester is spot on [/quote] Cheers
  12. I want my bass to have an MOT, raise the action a little - usual stuff. Because it's a stingray though, it has a gunstock oil and wax finish on the back of the neck. Asked a few people and they've never dealt with that type of neck finish. Can anybody recommend anyone?
  13. [quote name='bakerster135' timestamp='1473325132' post='3129027'] I think it adds a little bass personally, with the LPF on full, but I feel it has a bit of a (BDDI-esque) scoop which may add to that perception. Definitely spot on for the Hyper Music-type tone though. Has the nasal, buzz-saw, almost fuzz type distortion that the Animato has. I tend to find the RAT a bit too brittle or wooly for that particular application. [/quote] Damn this isn't helping my GAS haha. Have you experienced any low end loss? If I was to go for a RAT I'd look at the MXR M85 distortion or ideally the Dunwich Volt Thrower.
  14. [quote name='bakerster135' timestamp='1473268898' post='3128564'] Yes! Bought one off here last month, from Eddie (Pinball), and I love it! It replaced my Crowella Animato copy, and does a better job (without the need for a blender!). Good low end retention, adds some if anything...Gets really distorted without losing the gnarly top end bite, which my TK-421 can't do. [/quote] Awesome! So it's good for Muse stuff? Was thinking about a RAT for muse songs but this would do? A few people on talkbass were suggesting that there's low end loss have you found that?
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