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  1. That account was last active in 2013.
  2. Some of the opamps are TI ne5532p
  3. I think the on the left is the input transformer, then there’s the coil based eq section in the middle one and the one on the right is the power transformer....upper left is the d.i. Output transformer. yeah those trannies in the p.a. are serious.....ly heavy. 😬
  4. The only other schematics I have seen are the one for the poweramp, and the one for the lights in the preamp. btw.....if you were wondering why that stereo amp weighs 21 kilo’s that’s a lot of heavy metal 😎
  5. But in this schematic the transformer comes after the join of xlr en cinch input? I would read that as being used for either.
  6. I speak from my own experience, which apparently differs from yours, and not myth. I have found the low B on the Dingwall to be an actual playable string opposed to the ones I've played on 2 different Fender Deluxe Jazzes. Buy yymv and all that.....I'm happy with it.
  7. Since nobody has said it yet.......buy a Dingwall. I’ve never heard such a true low B.
  8. I’m just sat here hoping there will be a standard D-bird 5.
  9. I don’t need a club cab....I don’t need a club cab....I don’t a club cab......😐
  10. Be well then, and listen to the docter.
  11. So, tell us? Do you just put the amp on top of the rack?
  12. Or just get the pre, and something like this http://www.guitarsoundsystems.com/gss-1000w-sumo-guitar-bass-power-amp-c2x23791314
  13. Well the package including huge cardboard box was about 9 kilo's so my guess is about 5 kilo's.
  14. The sleeve arrived yesterday. It was a bit of a puzzle figuring out how to install everything as the poweramp has extra brackets for fixating the rear end. And let me tell you, trying to install a 21 kilo poweramp on your own is not easy. Reaching the pre-amp's connections after installing it is not easy either. I think I'll get an short xlr extention to stick into the d.i. permanently. One thing is for sure, this amp is not going back to Thomann.
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