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  1. It's a bit of a wrench to do this but selling this fantastic bass. I spent a while thinking this was 'the one' and still is in terms of playability and looks, but I find myself lately wanting that 2 pickup sound, so with this being my 3rd P bass and the one with the least sentimental value - going to see if I can raise funds for something else.

    4 things to note:

    - I have fully shielded the cavity with copper tape as it seemed to pick up a bit too much noise when I first got it, shielding it completely sorted that.

    - Even though the finish is a light relic, a little bit of extra paint came off just under the neck pocket, makes no difference to the look or playability of the bass.

    - I bought it second hand but in pristine unplayed condition, over the year or so I've had it the finish on the back of the neck has worn away. From what I could tell the neck is sprayed with a thin lacquer finish designed to do this to give the '30 years of playing' look within about 3 months.

    - I kept a plec in the top of the scratch plate so it's ever so slightly warped but barely noticeable

    Other than that it's in the condition it left the factory. I have the gig bag unused in my loft and also the other FF neck plate + case candy in my loft which I will grab and photograph when I get a chance, I'm hoping the original strap buttons are in there too but if not I will leave the strap locks on. 

    With the current situation I can only offer postage at the moment but I have a suitable box to send it in. (Incidentally, looking for courier recommendations)

    I've got my eye on something else on the forum at the moment so if that sells I'll be withdrawing this.

    Any questions just let me know.



    IMG_2836 2.jpg

    IMG_2837 2.jpg


    IMG_2839 2.jpg

    IMG_2840 2.jpg

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  2. This is a great cab that if you're reading this you will most likely already know about but here's quick tech specs from Barefaced:


    29" high x 19" wide x 13.4" deep
    74cm x 48cm x 34cm



    18 kg / 40 lbs (steel grill)

    PISTONIC Sensitivity
    100dB - as loud as a great 4x10"
    USABLE Frequency RANGE

    37Hz - 4kHz

    Recommended Amp Power
    100-1200W RMS

    133dB - similar to what a high quality 4x12" or 8x10" cab can manage before the lows fail to keep up with the mids 


    Nominal Impedance

    4 ohms


    The cab is in 9/10 condition it has had some dings that I have covered with the repair kit, included in the sale, which is basically just a little pot of the paint the cab is covered with that you can apply with a cotton bud.

    The cover is the roqsolid one that comes from Barefaced and does show signs of use but isn't splitting anywhere and will still protect the cab going forward for a long time.


    Reason for sale is that I'm going straight into the desk more often than not these days and even on the gigs where I don't I never need as much volume as this can put out plus space is at a bit of a premium in my house so I've gone for something smaller now (BF Two10).

    Not looking for any thing else trades wise unless you have one of the newest Ashdown RM-500's.

    Won't be able to post this but I will be willing to drive out an hour or so from CH44 postcode.

    Thanks for looking.











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  3. 14 minutes ago, Woodinblack said:

    I applied, filled in the stuff, hit continue, didn't get so much as an email reply. Will wait and see

    I'll hang on then, I'm in no rush really. My £15 plugs off Amazon that I've been using for about 3 years will keep serving me just fine in the meantime. 😁

  4. I filled the form in last Tuesday, it says they will take 5 working days to get back and I haven't heard anything yet.

    Now I'm a bit worried that I might have typed my email in wrong as I never got confirmation that they had recieved my form or anything. Can anyone remember whether they do send an email out saying they recieved it?

    Just wondering whether to chase them up or sit tight for a bit longer.


  5. 19 minutes ago, Steve Browning said:

    Order a second and send the first on 30 day return. 

    I've contacted Andertons for my return, shouldn't be a problem I hope as I've kept all the original packaging and only used it once at a rehearsal last night so it's still like new.

    But then I went to the Barefaced website and couldn't resist the allure of the Two10 instead, so I've ended up spending more. Thought I was above it all but I've proved I'm a bit of a sucker for black friday!

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  6. I’m convinced classic vibe basses from around that time are going to be future classics, they’re a nightmare to get hold of already. Considering how many of them must have been produced in the first place they come up for sale quite rarely!

  7. 1 hour ago, lee650 said:

    Massively lucky for whoever jumped on that!! I wonder how long it'll take before it's in the classifieds at £900 😂

    Funny you should say that, I wasn’t going to mention it because I didn’t want to start the usual debate over reselling at a profit, but it did actually get relisted on eBay..

    Think it still got snapped up even at a £800 profit 😳


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  8. 2 hours ago, Little Dragon said:

    'Need tuning' may have put people off!

    Just think of the guitar tech cost to get that sorted!!


    58 minutes ago, Bassassin said:

    Good (from a blagger's POV) to see this sort of thing still happens!

    I've had more than my fair share of very, very silly Ebay bargains - typically when the seller had no idea what they had, or from errors in the listing making it hard for most people to find. Really very unusual these days.

    Yeah I got a decent ‘Squire’ bass a couple of years ago for £45, collection only helps too - less chance of a bidding war starting.

  9. 3 minutes ago, DanEly said:

    Shouldn't you be using the Pan blocks as opposed to the Send blocks? The send blocks are for the (Send L/R) outputs on the pedal not the L + R outputs. Pan your mod hard left and the pitch hard right?

    I also ran into a bit of an issue with using the send blocks. I was trying to send a split signal out to my Meatbox via the send output (L) and trigger the function with FS1.

    So far I found that having the block 'off' and Dry Thru @ 0 would send signal to my Meatbox. Seems a bit backwards to me...

    That makes a lot more sense! To be honest I hadn’t even clocked the Pan blocks, I’ll give it a go tomorrow but seems like a nice simple solution 😊

  10. I was trawling through eBay’s sold listings for Squier basses to see how often fiesta red classic vibes come up (extremely rarely) and spotted this. Looks like someone was in the right place at the right time and managed to nab bargain of the century, provided its genuine - JV P in fiesta red for 150 quid. 

    From now on I’m checking daily, you never know what might pop up!




  11. 10 minutes ago, LukeFRC said:

    Erm - I don’t know for sure but what happens if you turn dry thru down to 0?

    Thanks for the help, but with a bit more farting around I've got what I needed.

    It seems putting either a Send L OR Send R (only works when using one at a time) gives just the pitch shifter coming from the headphone out on the left of the Stomp, every other output still gives a mix of everything, but I can work with that.

    Is it just me or are the Sends a bit broken or a bit arcane in trying to figure out what will send stuff where?



  12. I'm wondering can anyone help me? I've got a simplified version of my problem here, I want to send just the pitch shift to one output and just the ring mod to another. I've put a send L after one and a send R after the other but every output on the Stomp is giving me the same thing - a mix of both. Is it possible to do or am I missing something completely obvious?


  13. TC Electronic Ditto Mini - £50 + £5 p&p


    TC Electronic HOF Mini - £50 + £5 p&p


    TC Electronic Hypergravity - £50 + £5 p&p


    Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff - £25 + £5 p&p




    All in good working order, I think I have boxes for them all apart from the Hypergravity but I'll check and add photos over next couple of days.

    If you have any questions just let me know.





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