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  1. Hi I've been offered a fretless bass made by Dave Gladden back in the 80s. I don't know anything about him except that he made a guitar for Nik Kershaw? It's not a bad bass but I have never heard of the guy - anyone?cheers Karl

  2. Hi Looking to sell my original 1981 Ibanez Roadster RS924tv and I wondered how much I should ask for it. It's in excellent condition with slight fret wear - nothing unexpected for its age. It has a maple neck and active electronics and comes with a hard case. I bought it in 1985 just before moving away and I haven't played it since. Don't know what it's worth these days - any ideas? cheers Karl

  3. Thanks for your replies - as I thought working v collector dilemma..... If I sold it as it is with a report from Marshalls detailing the work they need to do to bring it up to gig standard what do you think I should ask. I had hoped to get about £1100-1200 before I had this problem so I was thinking of asking £950 - do you think that's reasonable? cheers Karl

  4. About £180. My dilemma is whether to have the work done and risk losing the original status or whether to sell it without but clearly stating what Marshall have said. How much each option will reduce the value is my question I suppose. I am happy to pay the cost but I'm just not sure if that is the right thing to do value wise. Cheers Karl. Thanks for the welcome

  5. Hi Can anyone please advice me urgently what I should do about some work that Marshall say needs doing on my 1970 Marshall Super Bass amp. I took it in yesterday as I haven't used for over a decade and want to sell it, they have checked it over and have recommended the following - replace all 4 EL34 valves - 2 bias capacitors - 4 input sockets on the front and 2 output on the back. What should I do? What effect will this have on the value? Your advice would be really appreciated cheers Karl Forgot to say that it still works.

  6. Thanks for all the feedback it's reassuring to know that I'm being realistic. I don't have to rush to sell it and I'm really only doing so as it seems a shame to keep it in the case for another decade.
    It's condition is as the photos show - road wear and with some lacquer cracks - structurally it's sound. The neck is straight and with very little fret wear, so little that you have to look hard under a bright light to see it!
    I'll be patient, thanks for the advice

  7. Thanks for all the info - I've listed it for £2200 as I know it's a 1972 - the date stamp on the neck would have been a nice thing to have if it was a bit more legible. Thought about playing it again but the fingers aren't what they once were so best it goes to someone who will. Still got a 1981 Ibanez Roadster which I may still play - it's in better nick than me - one day maybe......

  8. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif][size=4][attachment=147387:P1000044.JPG]NOW SOLD 08/11/13 Fender Jazz bass which I bought in 1973 but haven't played for several years so I've decided to sell it to someone who will. The serial number dates it to Fullerton USA 1972 and it has the names of the neck and body makers stamped inside . I bought it from a guy who played with a band called Toby and I think he bought it from Selmers, Braintree then the main UK agent for Fenders . It has road wear which I have shown in the photos and the lacquer has fine cracks in a couple of places but after 40 years that's probably to be expected. I'm looking to get somewhere around £2200 and I'm happy for you to come and have a play if you're serious about buying. I live in Ipswich, Suffolk and you can call me on 07799 372635 - UK only I will also consider selling my Marshall JMP SB/A amp - It's a 1970 original[/size][/font]

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