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  1. 14 hours ago, Russ said:

    Maybe fellow Perth proggers Voyager? They're fantastic. They also nearly represented Australia in Eurovision last year!

    They have a brilliant bass player in Alex Canion too. Gets awesome tones out of his Mayones basses. 


    Interesting that you mention Voyager as in all the years they have been around and in all the albums they have released, I only learned about them a few weeks ago - and I love 'em!!!! Brilliant. Dead Letter Circus, Karnivool, Soen, Voyager, VOLA - I really like the big atmospherics and melodies with chunky guitar carnage underneath. Which of course means Devin Townsend gets a mention. I've a massive soft spot of David Maxim Micic, absolutely brilliant. 

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  2. TL/DR. haven't watched the whole video, but has anyone mentioned that the method of recording the audio was never ever going to reveal the tonal differences clearly between the instruments, I can hear just a huge amount of room modes interfering with the captured sound. 


    That said, I rather like the look of these basses and if nothing else will let my curiosity find some more videos of them elsewhere. So, job well done in that respect. :) 

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  3. On 15/04/2021 at 20:30, Killed_by_Death said:


    Several months ago I was having a 'discussion' with a couple of folks about their East preamps & they insist that even in the Passive setting their Bartolini pickups sounded better than with the stock Ibanez controls also set to Passive.

    At first I thought maybe the East pre uses active mixing, which would sound better than Passive, but apparently there's still an output signal with the battery removed, so it can't be that.


    So, how in the world is John East designing them so that they somehow make the pickups sound better even when Passive?

    I did read that the East pre has two separate paths for the signal in Passive vs. Active, but I'm wondering what values of Resistance he's using in there, maybe it's a 1 MegOhm M/N taper blend.

    The Ibanez is a 500K Ohm A/C taper blend.


    Maybe it’s just the quality of the Ibañez stock circuit? It’s built to a (low) price- and its passive bypass might not be designed to such high standards as the East circuit. For example more components, especially cheaper ones left in the circuit can create more noise, impedance loading and possible degradation of signal. There are ways of producing an effect or preamp which will work, for a cheaper price - and those more complex circuits that produce better results... at a cost.

    so, to sum up, a better designed circuit will produce better results, but will cost more - and that’s not something the bean counters like when it comes to profit in already tight margins of mass produced products.

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    16 hours ago, LukeFRC said:

    that looks really nice. 
    I see a bit of a theme with your P basses though. 


    16 hours ago, LukeFRC said:

    visually, not that you sell them all 

    Yeah, the latter smarts somewhat. I've decided that living with a cat now is a far safer bet financially. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, ead said:

    But imagine how much nicer it would look with a blackp/guard :ph34r:

    Bit like this! - a 1976 Aria Pro II - another bass I guess I shouldn't have parted with!!!! It was more F*nder than F*nder!


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  6. 6 hours ago, krispn said:

    And I have Dood’s old Roger Taylor inspired P bass. It’s a wonderful bass! 


    Awwww I forgot where that one ended up! That body is so resonant! Really lovely bass, kicking myself for having to sell!

    (John Deacon, by the way 👍)

  7. 27 minutes ago, horrorshowbass said:

    Excellent ah I know who you are now :)

    Great reviews

    Thank you,  that's kind of you to say! I'd love to be able to step it up and get more creative with them, maybe when budget allows!

  8. Check out ChordBot on IOS and HookPad via your web browser as two other really cool tools for chord sequences. 

    Mapping Total Harmony Pro kicks things up a gear if you want to get geeky. I have it on IOS. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, horrorshowbass said:

    @Dood do you have a YouTube channel?

    I have over 350 review videos in Guitar Interactive Magazine - which is a free mag every month delivered to your inbox (subscribe for free) . http://guitarinteractivemagazine.com - a lot of the video reviews are also shared on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/iguitarmag 

    My own YouTube channel, I had planned to start working on but life has a habit of getting in the way. You can find it at http://www.YouTube.com/DanVeallBassist and I would really appreciate some subs. 

    For those who like a tech read, I write every month for Bass Player Magazine in my own column called The Last Note.  

    Anyone wanting video demos, voice overs or reviews recorded, well I can do that too and I'm freelance and well cheap :) inquire within, as they say. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Nibody said:


    I have named her "The Dood" in honour of our very own Dood who I saw just after putting it all together playing a very similair looking (albeit actual Fender) p bass in a video demoing the Steve Harris Tech 21. Somebody stop me please, I am supposed to be downsizing...





    It's a beauty! I love it!!!!

  11. And here is current "Dood" from that very session recording the SH-1 review. It's a 1976 precision, Ash body and a very skinny slip of rosewood for the fretboard. I'm gonna have to agree, I'm in the "black pick guard" camp, even though my passion for natural P basses does stem from John Deacon's sunburst model that he stripped the finish off. He left the original tortie guard on it all the way up to the point of having the refinish in black with gold hardware around 1985.

    (Yes John did also have a second precision that he stripped the finish off too, which is often identified by having a silver Fender logo rather than the black "TV script" style logo of what became his "main" bass.

    Places - 2 of 2.jpeg

    Places - 1 of 2.jpeg

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  12. 049A8E2C-4091-4C40-A375-C44B5F92A636.thumb.jpeg.6945674336d492ccf324591d79a012b8.jpeg

    This is my first natural P bass that I stupidly sold about 25 odd years ago and apparently lives in a studio in Suffolk somewhere. If anyone sees this bass, please let me know!! Note the pickups and the holes drilled near the E String.


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  13. I am genuinely touched! I've been having really rubbish day today and this has absolutely brightened it up. Yeah, still have a leaking sink and my To Do list is longer than my arm and I can't remember what free time feels like, but this.. THIS! :) has made my day :) 

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  14. I played a fairly large outdoor gig before lockdown where the hired "professional" PA company "mic'd" my cabinet. With an SM57, a good 15" away from the cabinet edge, off axis. I wished that they had DI'd, especially as I had clearly explained why the DI would be a better option. I forget the name of the PA company, maybe that's not a bad thing. Don't even get me started on their "IEM" mixes lol..

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  15. In a weird way, I actually like it. Not sure what that says about me, but I'm open to seeing if its something you can just spin round in your lap at an acoustic gig and be playing guitar or bass. - I've played quite a lot of acoustic gigs where space was such a premium that we had nowhere to stand instruments when they weren't being actually played! 

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