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  1. SOLD: Silver Gotoh 4 String Bridge

    Looking at the shape of the saddles I must agree with you that the bridge looks like 303. Confusing.
  2. SOLD: Silver Gotoh 4 String Bridge

    I believe this is not the 303BO, but the 404SJ based on the thickness of the side edges.
  3. SOLD - Sei Custom Jazz Bass V (£1200) - SOLD

    What is the string spacing, measured at the bridge?
  4. Must be in good condition and complete. Cheers, B

    CryBaby sold yet?
  6. Trying to recreate a '62 style precision bass. Looking for: - Fender 62 P-Bass pickguard in tortoise with holes for the thumbrest and cover - Fender 62 P-Bass chrome cover for pickup (a set of bridge and pickup cover is also welcome) - Wiring loom with all the right caps and pots - Fiesta red P-Bass body in alder PS: this list if subject to change during the acquisition process, so check back.
  7. Fender Jazz Bass MIM

    Pictures please
  8. Looking for the Bartolini MK-1 soapbar pickups and preamp from a Lakland 55-01 bass.
  9. FS: Squier VM fretless => 185GBP incl. shipment, BARGAIN!

    [quote name='krispn' timestamp='1497893134' post='3321181'] Why don't you buy it for the ramp and sell me the bass at a discount ������ [/quote]
  10. FS: Squier VM fretless => 185GBP incl. shipment, BARGAIN!

    From the pictures it looks like the Maruszczyk bridge is not compatible with the stringthru ferrules. Is that correct?
  11. Celinder J Vintage fretless - now 2250 euros!

    34 or 35" scale? 19mm spacing?