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  1. Sei Custom Jazz Bass V

    What is the string spacing, measured at the bridge?
  2. Must be in good condition and complete. Cheers, B

    CryBaby sold yet?
  4. Hit me!
  5. Trying to recreate a '62 style precision bass. Looking for: - Fender 62 P-Bass pickguard in tortoise with holes for the thumbrest and cover - Fender 62 P-Bass chrome cover for pickup (a set of bridge and pickup cover is also welcome) - Wiring loom with all the right caps and pots - Fiesta red P-Bass body in alder PS: this list if subject to change during the acquisition process, so check back.
  6. Fender Jazz Bass MIM

    Pictures please
  7. Looking for the Bartolini MK-1 soapbar pickups and preamp from a Lakland 55-01 bass.
  8. FS: Squier VM fretless => 185GBP incl. shipment, BARGAIN!

    [quote name='krispn' timestamp='1497893134' post='3321181'] Why don't you buy it for the ramp and sell me the bass at a discount ������ [/quote]
  9. FS: Squier VM fretless => 185GBP incl. shipment, BARGAIN!

    From the pictures it looks like the Maruszczyk bridge is not compatible with the stringthru ferrules. Is that correct?
  10. Celinder J Vintage fretless - now 2250 euros!

    34 or 35" scale? 19mm spacing?
  11. Feedback for Benebass (FKA bentdice)

    Smooth transaction. Clear communication. Deal with confidence. Thanks Benedict!
  12. What is the peg size of Hipshot tuners? 1/2" or 3/8"?