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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. lol try rickenfakers on facebook they will tell you all about copies ?
  3. thanks for the replys guy very interesting got some nice gear there eric i have a few riki copys myself .nice to hear other players find anything i have interesting so makes me feel better about hunting them down lol .keeps my happy at any rate lol
  4. [quote name='BetaFunk' timestamp='1385302373' post='2286560'] Not sure what you mean by rare but if you're thinking of worth as in money it's like anything else, it's worth what anyone is prepared to pay for it. [/quote]that is very true we live in a world of wants and needs lol?
  5. thanks for the info found one ad but nowt else also found the shaftesbury link .i have a few other shaftys and this one caught my eye ?what would you say a rare bass like this would be worth ????
  6. nothing on shergold forum ?
  7. [quote name='lozbass' timestamp='1384268729' post='2274657'] Always wanted a Ned Callan after seeing one in a local shop in the mid '70s - an SG type shape. Great to see these old British basses still doing the rounds [/quote]yep still plays and sounds ace it thumps
  8. hi tom and thanks ash yep i knew of the john connection just there is not much on the web?
  9. hi just got a ned callan bass uk made 70s anyone got any more info about the bugger ?also any idea on its serial number c542 thanks
  10. [quote name='Stacker' timestamp='1371157285' post='2110749'] Correction: not everyone loves it - John Hall doesn't!! Seriously, though, all the best with the sale. [/quote]cheers boss
  11. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1370922721' post='2107464'] A "you could have picked a better time to join Basschat " bump. [/quote]lol just my luck everone love it just no money?
  12. postage on this 20 quid insured and tracked ups? cheers j
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