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  1. SOLD Price Drop £425 With a set of "La Bella" Tapewound strings and set-up by Mansons guitar shop. One owner, gigged twice, and as I'm hardly playing any bass, let alone fretless, it's time to move this instrument on.. The current new price is around £600 pounds. Delivery at cost to buyer, or collection, and sent in a professional cardboard shipping shipping container. https://www.ibanez.com/eu/products/detail/srh500f_1p_05.html Sorry, no trades.
  2. I haven't gigged with it yet, and I bought it off eBay in an "as new" apart from the dodgy nut. I'm very happy with it through my Markbass 802, and it has a broad tonal range just of the tone pot alone. I need to set the pick-up height, my first humbuckers since heaven knows when..
  3. Thanks for the comments, and I'm happy to report that it's the nut which is too low, which is a relief considering that it could have been a vibrating truss rod.. The luthier who set it up insisted (over the phone) that it was a string problem, 'cos TI's have very poor quality control. What can you say? The bass is a Gibson Les Paul Tribute DC and the first short scale since 1970 when I started with a EB3, and makes a proper bass sound.😉 Bob.
  4. I have a new set of Thomastik Jazz Flats on a recently set-up short scale Gibson bass. There's a buzz on the F on the A string which is not fret related, as I can bend the other string to the same spot and there's no issue. But here's a thing, I'm only getting it when one finger is touching the string. I get the buzz when playing it with my first finger, but not when all my 4th all fingers are down on the string, or even one other. So the vibration is coming from the other side of the played note? How can this be? Bob.
  5. If you're referring to my comment, I'm referring to the fact that my MB 802 works well with 2 eq's and that others have spoken in favour of the 2 eq's on the Quilter. Check my earlier posts.
  6. I haven't used one (Quilter), just seen video reviews, but it only has 2 tone controls and seems able to make a range of sounds. there's a few users on this forum.
  7. I you want to make a deep full sound without a specifically sounding mid frequency then 2 tone controls is fine IMO. I can go straight to the sound I want with no messing, and that's with a bass that only has a treble cut. The Quilter Bass Block has similar controls, and my departed GK had 6 tone controls of which I only ever used one, the contour. (The horn unit isn't hissy by the way.)
  8. A Markbass 802 is within your budget and has a switchable speaker output. Light too.
  9. Before regulations changed, it was easy to wrap an elastic band around jack sockets to keep them tight, and I still do it on basses that allow this. The new less serviceable sockets were intended to stop owners pushing screwdrivers into high current/voltage electrics, but has turned into a money spinner for the maintenance folks..
  10. The cheap and cheerful Ashdown OriginAL has an input impedance of 4m Ohms, ok not the 10 m of the Platinum but should do the job. Has a 5 band eq as well..
  11. Thanks for the interest, but I've decided to withdraw this combo from sale.
  12. I got the impression that the combo cab was smaller than the stand alone cab and I couldn't easily find the tweeter switch, is there one? I don't know about changes to the cabs, but I have contacted Ashdown who assured me that the Original amp remains the same. I've had GK combos for ever, so at the the moment I'm just interested in the amp that I can run with a GK extension cab until I get some spare cash..
  13. The amp and 1x12 cab (separates) combination sounded really good to me. There's a 3 position horn setting which I preferred off. The new price for the stand alone amp is £279 (on the Ashdown Site), but this might be for the next new batch to arrive. Andersons are selling are selling the cab for £199, making the pair £478. Cheaper than the combo but with the flexibility of separates.
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