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  1. Hi there I will send you a PM. Thanks Daryl
  2. Thanks very much. I think I have lost my marbles. I love the bass and still play it, but fancy trying something new. To fund a new bass, I will need to move the 2024x on.
  3. Thanks very much. I haven't tried a BB1024 but have heard and read great things.
  4. Great basses. I have been gigging my BB2024x for the past two years and it hasn't let me down. I love the P Bass sound you can get from the BB2024x. Here is some footage from an outdoor gig last year of me and my band and my BB2024x. It's a great all rounder but I think the P Bass pick up really shines through.
  5. Found a clip of me using this live, playing some Canned Heat // Jamiroquai and Boogie Oogie // Taste of Honey This was all on the neck/P Bass pick up.
  6. Absolutely. Being able to go from P-Bass to Jazz Bass at the flick of a switch can be very effective when covering various genres. Thanks Daryl
  7. Hi there I have sent you a PM. Thanks Daryl
  8. Fantastic and lightweight amp at 4.9lbs, with plenty of power and clean headroom at 700watts. Works great with a 4ohm 4x10. Can also be used at 8ohms and 2.67 ohms. Power Output: 700 watts @ 2.67 or 4 ohms, 350 watts @ 8 ohms Preamp Section: Solid State Power Section: Class D The bass and treble boost buttons also add plenty of low end definition and top end sparkle. Included is a very well padded Aguilar gig bag. I also have original packaging for shipping. Thanks
  9. I sold Lee a Nemphasis Compressor. Very easy to work with and good comnunication and quick payment. Thanks, Lee.
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