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  1. Still available and happy to arrange shipping. Thanks Daryl
  2. Hi there This is still available. Thanks
  3. Had a few good offers, but can't ship due to not having any packaging. Happy to negotiate with anyone willing to collect. Thanks
  4. Hi there, Thanks very much. All the best, Daryl
  5. Hi there I will send you a PM. Thanks Daryl
  6. Thanks very much. I think I have lost my marbles. I love the bass and still play it, but fancy trying something new. To fund a new bass, I will need to move the 2024x on.
  7. Thanks very much. I haven't tried a BB1024 but have heard and read great things.
  8. Great basses. I have been gigging my BB2024x for the past two years and it hasn't let me down. I love the P Bass sound you can get from the BB2024x. Here is some footage from an outdoor gig last year of me and my band and my BB2024x. It's a great all rounder but I think the P Bass pick up really shines through.
  9. Absolutely. Being able to go from P-Bass to Jazz Bass at the flick of a switch can be very effective when covering various genres. Thanks Daryl
  10. Hi there I have sent you a PM. Thanks Daryl
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