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  1. Hello there It is still available. I am in Watton at Stone near Hertford, Hertfordshire. Thanks
  2. Yes, this is still for sale. Thanks
  3. Up for sale is this great little amp. It packs a punch at 500 watts and goes very well with the MarkBass NY121 cabs. It is also great for practice as you can plug in headphones and an mp3 device. Included is the MarkBass gig bag which is great for storage and transport. This is a 2014 model, assembled in Indonesia. Thanks
  4. Had a few questions about this, so, just to confirm, this has hardly been played over the past 5 years as it has been a back up to my Big Bang head. Condition is good and works just fine. Thanks
  5. DarylClayton

    Feedback for Mikkel-S

    I sold a Stingray to Mikkel and it was a great transaction. Very friendly and easy person to deal with and swift payment was made with no issues. Thank you, Mikkel.
  6. DarylClayton


    I have decided to keep this as it is an incredible bass. Apologies for any inconvenience. Daryl
  7. DarylClayton


    New photos added 🎸
  8. I can also offer this in a £500 combo deal with my MarkBass NY121 cab which I am also selling on here. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/327297-£250-mark-bass-ny-121-£500-combo-deal-with-little-mark-500-tube-amp/?tab=comments#comment-3686088 Thanks
  9. I can now offer a £500 combo deal with my Little Mark 500 Tube amp which is up for sale here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/327296-£300-little-mark-tube-500-italian-markbass-amp-bag/ These two sound great together and pack a punch despite the size. Thanks Daryl
  10. One sold and now one remains for £250.
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  12. DarylClayton


    Hi there, I have sent you a message. Thanks