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  1. Fancy learning guitar as well as bass...

    did you buy the S470 which was on 'the tree' ...seller Motherwell in the last few days ? S470s are superb guitars, very comfortable and you can do ridiculous things to the trem without going out of tune, great choice. ( I have 3 and use them as workhorses, lot of guitar for the money, even without the Di Marzipans) anyway - learning guitar - what's good for you etc. Worst thing I did when beginning was trying to learn from a book (no youtube then),.. the theory / notation was not helpful in teaching me what I wanted to play (metal). I had a mate who could play well, he showed me basic chord shapes/tricks like 1 fingered A / E chords etc. Got me off and running. Tablature / youtube vids, lots of help available for free. I got caught up in a load of technical stuff at one point and forgot just how satisfying it can be to jam along with one of your favourite songs. good luck, andrew
  2. Scottish Guitar Show.

    excellent, I could literally walk to that. Better not tell mrs Waldflote that one can trade/sell things too.
  3. That Pacifica is very nice,.. I've often been tempted by them (more basic versions ) in the small ads for a project base, assuming a good basic build quality etc. A big + for the Artcore,.. I have an 83 the exact same finish as the one in the picture and it is a great guitar, really nice tone,.. I used it in a Rush covers tribute thing for a while and was spot on to cover their older (pre 1980 material.
  4. rickenbacker 4003 neck problem

    Hi, I would confirm by using a straight edge, but you may have some uneven bowing (twist), Do you have a picture of the neck directly from above with the strings on ?
  5. RickenFakers

    Comparing with my 4003s; my two fakers (Shine + mystery faker in previous posts) do a good basic Ric sound. Unplugged I notice a bigger difference, the real thing sounding tighter and more solid,... I suspect this will make for a bigger difference at volume. The SDs in the Shine sound pretty decent. (I have various string sizes on them too I should add)
  6. I had a problem on a pair of Peavey Windsors,.. sort of irregular crackle/pop,.. small,. not like plugging/unplugging a guitar/bass with the amp volume up. It turned out to be the bias circuit, replaced the pot in each of them and fixed the problem. I had to track it with a scope, but when I narrowed it down to the bias circuit I was able to make it do the noise when pushing on the pot with an insulated chopstick.
  7. RickenFakers

    Just looked at their website,.. dangerously close to Brno,.. (one of my regular haunts)
  8. The Overwater Porn Thread

    cheers, the black one has a pretty terrible finish (+ wear n tear),.. I thought that someone had re finished it with a brush to begin with Maybe have it fixed now.
  9. RickenFakers

    oooh, that's very nice. What is it branded as ? (Bach ??)
  10. The Overwater Porn Thread

    A sister for my rather beat up black original. I was amazed at the range of tones - to the point of checking that it was really passive, big difference from the all mahogany black one.
  11. Guitar Porn

    good to see some Eggle affection, I love mine to bits: left to right; Vienna, Berlin and Berlin plus, 1992 - 94
  12. RickenFakers

    quite - I've just been trawling through a big chain of posts relating to fakers (which I didn't see first time around) and just when you think that you are narrowing it down a bit,. there's a contradiction. Just need to enjoy it as a mystery faker I guess, cheers..
  13. RickenFakers

    here are some detail hardware shots:
  14. RickenFakers

    better state first that I was referring to my own faker, sorry if I have confused things. Here's a bigger picture I looked around a while back and by elimination, arrived at a Maya, or Kasuga,..... others like Ibanez, Hondo etc. seemed to have more obvious faker errors (pickups, bolt necks, binding, bridge holes) From what I have seen since though there are a load of variations, so I am not much the wiser.
  15. RickenFakers

    thanks,.. the Maya/Kasuga was the best I could get at the time, also based on elimination,.. it doesn't seem to have any of the more common faker giveaways (incorrect binding, pickups, bridge holes etc.) comparing it with the real thing - sounds authentic too. Single truss rod and 4 pc body are most obvious differences.