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  1. Thank you pbasspecial! Just in case people haven't spotted it, my custom Martyn Bailey EUB is still available for a reduced price of £3,250!
  2. Thank you all so much for your kind words & best wishes! The cancelled operation was a real set back for me. I wanted to be fighting fit for when the baby arrives in March, but now I don't know what's happening. With a ruptured double hernia, I have to be so careful what I'm lifting. (Thank goodness I've just got myself a Kala UBass!) I'd deliberately kept January free for the op & recuperation, but if the next date they give me is in the middle of a Jools tour, then I've got problems! Still, I'm not going to let this setback diminish my joy at becoming a first time dad at 53! 😉 Just to let you know guys, I sold both my 75 walnut/Mocha P bass, and my Xotic P5 within a couple of hours last night after I posted them on my personal Facebook page. Result! Thanks again to all. Best wishes, Dave.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the mention on here. 👍 I started to upload the post, but wasn't able to add a single photo for whatever reason? Paul, you don't need £2,500, it's actually only £2,200! 😉 Here is the original post if any of you haven't seen it: It gives some info on the bass, and hopefully will help justify the price. "I'm selling my stunning 1975 Fender P bass with rosewood fingerboard, and ash body with rare walnut (mocha) finish in immaculate condition. In the past, I've seen Fender basses with translucent stains with very plain, dull alder bodies, however, this ash bodied bass has a stunning grain on both front & back, which is complimented beautifully with the walnut finish. It took me years to find this bass in this colour, with this grain, and with a rosewood fingerboard. A lot of time & effort went into finding this bass. I had to import it from the US, and of course had to pay shipping costs, import duties & taxes. This is all reflected in the asking price, so if you're in the U.K. and you decide to buy this bass, all the hard work has been done for you! 😉👍 Feel free to contact me for more details" A few years back I would not have dreamt about selling this bass, but I'm getting married very soon, and my first baby is due in March, so I feel it's time to thin the herd out, and focus on my future family more. 😊 The cancelled operation was a real drag..... I had a double hernia op several years ago which failed after six months. I've been waiting all this time for another op, and then I was given the 10th Jan. I cancelled gigs & sessions through January to enable me to have the op, and to recuperate. I wanted to do all this before the baby is due in March. Now I've no idea what's happening. They have not given me a new date, and they've said it won't be anytime soon. It may now interfere with my future work schedule, but there's not much I can do about it sadly. Anyway, selling the Fender would definitely cheer me up! 😉👍 All the best, Dave.
  4. Thank you Bassassin! I've now got at least 30 vintage Ibanez basses, predominantly all variations of the classic "Musician" series, but I do have a growing number of Roadstar II's also. For the recent Hootenanny, I needed to to use a bass with a low B due to the requiremts of the songs & artists involved, and considering I have now been kindly given an endorsement deal with Ibanez, the obvious and correct choice was to use one of the newer six string models for the show. (and yes, I did use the high C string as well as the low B!) Bass Guitar Magazine want to do a feature with my bass collection soon, which has changed dramatically I hasten to add, since my last collection feature in "Guitar & Bass Magazine" a few years back. I can't believe at the time of that original feature I only had ONE vintage Ibanez in my collection! I'm going into hospital for surgery on the 10th January this year, so the BGM article will have to wait till later in the year. The remainder of January will be a "write off" for me work wise, but it will at least give me time to heal & recover before a new series of Jools' BBC Radio 2 show starts on the 1st February. I'm very much looking forward to having my vintage Ibanez collection (in particular) professionally photographed & documented by BGM, and now it looks like I will have time to add a few more! 😉
  5. Ouch, tough crowd! stingrayPete1977, maybe I should hire you as my agent! 😉
  6. Good for you Marc! 👍 I was formally a trombone player, and when I took up double bass & guitar and then turned professional at 17, I was struggling to maintain playing all three instruments to a high level. (Time management was never my forte!) Eventually I decided to let the trombone go, and to focus just on bass. However, a few years ago I took up the trombone again, and now I love playing it for my own enjoyment without any pressure! Having said that, I have recently done some sessions on it, and I did play it with Jack Bruce when he was playing bass on a radio show I did with him a few years back. Never too late to start up again! Thanks Marc, it will be a shame to let my Martyn Bailey EUB go, but with the big life changes I have coming up, it's the right thing to do. And anyone who buys this bass will be getting the best EUB out there, and at less than half the cost of what I paid for it. An absolute bargain! 😉
  7. Indeed it is Marc! Just need more space with my first baby due in March, so I'm selling this EUB and a number of my bass guitars. Time for a change of priorities! 😉
  8. Thank you Geoff! New price drop to £3,250! If any of you need more info, or if you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with me. Thanks, Dave Swift
  9. This superb bass is still available, but now has a new lower price! Was £4,500, it's now for sale at £3,999!!
  10. Thank you Pete! Glad to be of service! 😉
  11. Hi guys, hope you don't mind me joining in. I have the Yamaha SLB200 Ltd Edition, and even though the original end pin is the same as the regular model, it iwas still too short for for me. Luckily my double bass luthier, Roger Dawson, made an adjustable inner extension pin, as you can see from the photo in the link. This was crucial for me, because not only am I 6' 3" I also stand on my Porter and Davis KT (Kinetic Transfer) platform when I perform with Jools Holland, which is a good 3 inches high, and the end pin has to rest in the floor, not on the platform. So, as you can imagine, I need that extension on the original end pin. Hope all this helps, and clears things up! 😉
  12. The price is not necessarily "etched in stone" L4R6O. I am actually open to reasonable & realistic offers!
  13. Thank you HazBeen! In an ideal world, I'd love to keep it, but as I said in my post, there is a lot changing in my life right now, and even more so in the new year, so it's more important for me to move this bass on so someone else can enjoy it as much as I have.
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