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  1. Well, just an update folks!......changed the stock pickup for an aguilar alnico MM pickup...also had the east three band preamp installed....The tone now is more refined although i do fine the treble does not have the bite of the original....the semi-parametric mid is useful though!.....As a plus, the G string seems better and more balanced.  

  2. Well, i have had both and have to say, i preferred the 5501, i found it cut through the mix better than the 5502...Also, there is a lot of love for said bass on talkbass...the pickup sizes bart mk1/p2 gives a lot of options for upgrades along with the preamp.....plus, if it's good enough for mononeon it's good enough for most...Oh, and the most comfortable 35 scale bass i have played. 

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  3. Well, i have just thrown caution to the wind and bought a new MV5....lovely bass, but i have to say, i,m not very happy with

    the supplied strings...i think they are 45-130, very stiff feel to them, also the B string suffers from overtones which are annoying

    to say the least..the B string is the type where the thinner core passes over the bridge saddle.

    So with this in mind, what strings work well with said bass, also i tend to favour nickel.


  4. Just bought a Atelier Z from Chris, everything went smoothly and you couldn't wish to meet a nicer chap...we had a good chin wag about basses and "stuff".... highly recommended basschatter 👍

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