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  1. As I mentioned, I had this bike accident about a year ago where I dislocated my left ankle/foot backwards by about 160 degrees, tendons and soft tissues all buggered up. Doctors were able to put it back in place without surgery which was fantastic as surgery in these cases always leaves sequels, fact is snapping it back in place without surgery is not side effect free as well.. and recovery was a LONG nightmare !! So one year later of doing all the ENDLESS physio, ice, etc, etc... although in everyday life I hardly get remembered by my ankle I treated it so badly, fact is if I play on the board standing (worse..) or sitting (still pretty bad) I'm left with this numb kind of pain for a couple of days + it swells and aches for a few days more in what I interpret as a clear ''stop doing that to me'' kind of warning ? Which leads me to believe it might entail long term consequences if I keep doing it.. Adding the fact that the whole experience Bassboard/headphones is NOT enjoyable to me as it just doesn't hit the spot translates into my lack of interest in pursuing that route - used it a couple dozen times and am putting it up for sale to be honest.
  2. Sorry Dan, it's not at you, it's just frustration as I do love my Epi, was used to play as loud/often as I wanted to and since moving to what was supposed to be a nicer place w/ better conditions, I did spend a LOAD trying my best to isolate the place but masonry IS unforgiving and my neighbour is borderline a-hole...LOL...VERY frustrating... This may sound funny to you but the type of music I write and play does MOVE ME when played at certain levels, all that fabulous, full bass tones going through my body.. all very primal, does wonders to my well-being The problem for me with keeping the Epifani is that I LOVE it's tone, it's power and knowing myself, volume will go up one notch one day, then another, then another and a week later I'll have them giving me grief over it hence a smaller, lower power/volume cab that I know will blow if I push it too hard. My respect for my gear and my wallet will format me into accepting this frustrating situation and yes, of course they ARE entitled to a degree of comfort but as I say, I'll make the extra mile until within legal limits then they can go jump off a cliff for all I care. Interesting you mention the PJB cabs as stumbling upon them recently but never having heard one let alone played through one, I had this gut feeling from reviews/comments that they would have this full range, clean tone I'm so keen on, the C4 being one of them As for being inefficcient I think my Epifani Ul501 amp would be gutsy enough to drive them to a decent ''home volume'' ? Someone also suggested - rightly so, had forgotten all about.. - decoupling the cab and I have the perfect piece of 4'' thick rubber block to do so If going down the 1x10 route, any suggestions on one such ''full range'' clean sounding cab ? Thanks
  3. Tx for chipping in Dan It seems to me that English not being my native language I obviously failed to properly explain what I'm after. Perfect silence is NOT my goal but rather be WITHIN THE LAW, hoping that that will be enough to keep things harmonious enough.. They are a 50 something year old couple, no babies or elderly at home, I can hear their TV in my dinning room and kitchen, their dog barks like a maniac every so often... and I'm ok with all that. I have spent several thousands isolating best I could things around and have organised my living arrangements so I'll be practising in the room furthest from their place in order to minimise disturbing and that's fine by me Now, as much as I want to keep things peaceful between neighbours, fact is at the end of the day he is as entitled to ''silence'' as I am to practice at moderate levels - as I mentioned earlier, like listening to music through my hifi...? As long as I'm within legal limits. Said law here stipulates : 65dB between 8AM and 10PM on week days, so as long as I'm within that if that still upsets him, well.. then to be honest I couldn't care less. My aim is to hit a compromise where I can practice without being too loud and that's why I'm looking to replace my Epifani 310 for another cab, one that by it's very nature still delivers the tone I like WITHOUT the capability of going SO loud since playing through the Epifani just makes it all too easy to do, specially when used to do it on a daily basis as I could in the previous property. Past that if my practising still upsets them, all I can do is maybe give him the contact details of his local MP so he can contact them and try have the law changed according to his preferences ?...LOL... So, back to cabs to replace the Epifani, any suggestions ? Tx
  4. I wish I liked it as I have some nice headphones/great headphone amp but.. it just sucks..... not to mention the extra wire dangling And of course, silent playing isn't necessary, moderate to high, listening to your hifi levels ARE acceptable/legal
  5. Hi guys 59 year old bass player from Portugal here.. I like my tone to be full bodied, warm yet clear and ''piano like''/hifi but not sterile and compared to the hardware I’ve had over the years, my present set up ticks all those boxes specially as I also like practising loud at home : Status Graphite Classic Series 1 Deluxe 4 str -> bunch of FX -> Epifani UL501 ([email protected]/[email protected] or so..) -> Epifani UL2 310. At the band’s rehearsal space an Epifani UL2 410… Examples of what tones I go for among others, usually 2 or 3 bass tracks in these, plz use headphones..: https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-50495.php https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-45925.php Moving from a detached house to one split in2, w/ neighbour’s living right ''next wall'' - made worse by the fact the husband works at home.. - after spending quite a bit on isolating everything as much as possible (double or triple drywall + Greenglue + double or triple 70mm Rockwool 70kg.. ) being impossible to build a room inside a room to stop sound travelling via the 2 house’s common masonry structure, I came to the conclusion I need to downgrade my cab because 1 - if it's there, I WILL use it's power.. too tempting. 2 - I need smaller cab due to space restrictions in the one room furthest /best insulated from neighbours... 3 - Bought an Eich Bassboard to complement my Sennheiser HD205 headphones but due to a motorcycle accident which mangled my ankle, I can’t use it longer than a few minutes without PAIN later, let alone unknown long term consequences using it may cause.. Having no way of trying any cabs near or far and not wanting to abuse Thomann’s/other vendors free return policies, after reading as many specs & reviews + forums posts I possibly could, I’ve compiled a short list of some I THINK could be viable for me, I would really appreciate if you could help point me in the “right direction” ? My budget is around 500€, give or take some, 2nd hand is mighty fine, for a tamer/more compact version of the Epifani 310 if you will.. My shortlist of some apparently antagonistic cabs, from 5’’ to 12’’ drivers. ?? means I have no clue if ok/found little or nothing about them although specs suggest ok? ** means gut feeling they could replicate the Epifani 310’s tone in a “smaller scale” ? Plz, correct me if I’m wrong.. Phil Jones Piranha C4 ** Trace Elliot Bassbox 208/Warwick WCA 208 CE ?? TC Electronic RS210 ** Glockenklang DUO 210 8Ohm ** Markbass Traveler 102P 8Ohm Eich Amplification 110XS 4 Ohm ** Eich Amplification 112XS 4 Ohm Eden EX-112 8 Ohms ?? Obviously the lower power cabs would be used w/ some temperance on my amp’s gain/master volume not to blow them up… Any advice will be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance
  6. Hi Is this cab still available for sale please ? Thanks
  7. Yup Norris, im plenty crafty alright !! And yes they happen in the downstroke end of things.. I can easily make something out of carbon fibre hence keep the Status ''carbon motif'' going ! Cheers & many thanks
  8. It would be a possibility for sure, i will look into that as a half drop of water type of cover shape ( attached w/ velcro ? much thinner double faced tape ?..) would definitely ensure the hit would be against a softly curved surface instead of the angular/edgy jacks. Big plus ? It would definitely save the preamp's board from getting it.. in my book that makes it a win win for little effort/expense. Well done Norris, as far as i'm concerned you totally won this thread 😉 Cheers
  9. Thanks, luckily i am !! 😉 As for the tone carbon... oh boy..... that's a War & Peace sized thread right there !...LOL...
  10. Hi guys And thanks all for your input, much appreciated ! Still, i must apologize to all but... thanks to oil + a cracked water pipe on the road i fell off my bike & was in Hospital for a while, reason why i didn't acknowledge your answers sooner.. 1st i should've explained that, same way i don't break E strings for breakfast, i hit the jack every now & then, not like.. 143 times a gig !? And yes, i AM an energetic player but NOT a destructive punk hellbent on wrecking each & every bass i lay hands on !!....LOL... That i've tried most anything i know off in the market that is angled, that i never had this problem w/ a side jack socket as i used to have and that being an artist/ silversmith by trade i have the necessary hand skills, the tools & workshop to relocate the jack if necessary - i just wanted to avoid that on this instrument as i love it & IT IS pristine new ? Kind of thing.. By the way i think someone asked & it's a Status S1 Classic Deluxe 4 string, in bright red metallic flake high gloss unlike ANYTHING i would ever be attracted to in a store to begin with but, slowly became the light of my eyes… that carbon neck ? It bloody makes the bass sing.. Speaking of PC, i would sell my first born to replace it if stollen….LOL… Anyway, yes i play bass slightly unconventionally. A mix of power chords, octaves played as chords w/ in between string ringing out harmonics + some jugglings i've stumbled upon, i use LOTS of FX, patches i build from scratch. Some are VERY close to what i hear & want, many a work in progress.. A lot into delays, chorus & pitchshifting, but also rabid distortion ( none of the usual bass mud but each string/note distinctly ringing distorted within the chord type of sound ? LOVE it.. ) wah wahs, etc.. + i use a Xotic SP comp, vol at 1 o'clock, blend at 9.30, toggle set on mid, as a 1 setting does it all comp. Some people like the music, some don't. I've got very perfectible technique, recordings are made 1, 2 or 3 takes max in a sketch archive way to later develop, ideas coming easily, i DEFINITELY need to rehearse & rehearse to get my sh*t right until it ''flows'' but when i finally get it right & sounding effortless ?.. The guys i play with like how it sounds & so do i but, to get those tones i must play the way i do & that implies every now & then hitting the damn jack w/ my knuckles. 2nd, yes the socket on my Status is not as low as the photo above, i also used to hit the volume pot as well & turn it down accidentally but i have solved that simply by inserting a leather washer under the knob then tightened it down, now it takes deliberate action to adjust the pot even if i hit it ! To give some examples i'm leaving below a few links to ''tunes'' i've posted in a web community i've joined a while back, a fantastic place w/ musicians from all over the world, of so many available genres to join in under the same roof for challenging oneself out of one's ''comfort zone'', not all imply i hit something as some are calmer than others as you'll be able to hear - as i hate recording/mixing, etc.. & suck at it, don't pay attention to the audio quality it's definitely not the best. If your stereo handles bass freqs ok, it sounds best at ''louder'' volumes, it's as if the sound ''opens up''... Live what pours out of my rig sounds VERY nice if i may say so myself, hi-fi but thick, lush clearly ringing notes across the full range, full of harmonics, a delight ! In the recordings ? Not so much... it sounds ''guitarrish'' as a lot of the tone's girth gets lost unlike live. It's in the funkier & lighter rock stuff with those ''snappy'' accent chord hand movements that i most often do the hitting. There's different sorts in there, just to give an idea : https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-27728.php - jamming along, octv + pitchshifting, bit of chorus & comp https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-92558.php - my bass is that 1st ''thick guitar''.. the other bass comes in at 0.28 https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-45925.php - 2 bass tracks, 1 w/ oct, 1 w/ chorus + comp https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-30866.php - 2 bass tracks, 1 my ''go to tone'' + 1 w/ oct + od, fooling around https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-63427.php - softer, 2 bass tracks, 1 w/ delays, 1 w/ chorus + comp https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-27621.php - 2 bass tracks, 1 w/ octvr, 1 w/ dist https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-36324.php - just GREAT drums & bass fun.. Sorry i added so many but it's hard to choose from 4 or 500 or so bits i have there, many not that interesting for 1 reason or another.. I tried to include in my answer a response to each one who has suggested jack options & cables but as competent as they all are i have tried if not the exact model, a very similar one of equivalent make/quality.. The right answer to me is definitely relocating the socket either Strat style or totally on it's side. I know how to do it & it's dead easy but hoped for some chi chi boutique wonder pancake jack at £75 a pop built correctly & i'd buy it as it would be a one time purchase & allow me to not modify the bass. Instead manufacturers prefer to make them cheap to produce & easier to break pancake jacks, let me guess why… 😉 Thank you all !! Nuno
  11. Hi guys I play the bass w/ a triangular pick, 40mm per side & 1.5mm thick. I've been known to occasionally break E strings with it and.. every now & then i hit the angled jack i use on the bass end of my cable. 1st i used Neutrik angled jacks & being quite big that hurts AND it transmits quite a blow to the bass socket/preamp board of my Status. So next i moved to pancake plugs as they are quite a bit lower. Problem is most are not that solid being made w/ a jack pressed at it's top bythe lip of the hole in their casing of semi monkey metal. The blows are a lot less but.. less force is also needed to get the jack tip wiggling around in it's casing with the inevitable shorting & BIG noises from my cab, nasty noises... KRAACKK... KRAACKK... i fear for my amp & those drivers ! My question finally is : can anyone tell me about a GREAT quality pancake jack ? Preferably one where the jack tip is actually machined as part of the plug's lower side or at least welded to it ? Regardless where i can buy it from, EU/non EU... Many thanks
  12. Ooops… I got notified to this for.. bumps !? Well, sorry you missed my question.. but in the meantime i already got one + an Epi 310 cab - Fab tone, power, etc.. indeed ! Best luck w/ sale.
  13. Hi Viss Do you still have the amp for sale & would you consider ''posting it'' to Portugal, trackable & insured - at my expense obviously.. ?? Cheers
  14. Hi John Do you still have the amp for sale ? And of course would you be willing to ship it to Portugal, shipping, packaging & insurance on me obviously ? As a ''last resort'' kind of thing, i'd be willing to grab a Ryanair or other El Cheapo airline & go there pick it up myself but…... Thanks Nuno
  15. Hi Panther & thanks for your input, much appreciated ! I understand what you're saying & i intend to try things before committing to final cable lengths, etc… I just wanted to make sure i had it more or less ''sorted out'' mainly because doing the thing myself is a LOT of FUN but it's also a lot of work so better get it ''right-ish'' at first ;-) As a ''reward'' for chipping in ( or a punishment ?…LOL.. ) here's a couple links to some of the noises i make with them boxes…. [url="http://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-51578.php"]http://www.wikiloops...k-jam-51578.php[/url] [url="http://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-49035.php"]http://www.wikiloops...k-jam-49035.php[/url] Do disregard my crappy recording skills…….. but do check out this website, it totally rocks !! Everybody posts their stuff, then anyone can download it (legally.. ) & add to that their part on their instrument & re-upload it - this sometimes makes for very interesting results Cheers
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