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  1. Feedback for salt on your bass?

    Sold an amp to Andy, really easy to deal with, excellent communicator, and overall a very smooth transaction. I would have no hesitation in dealing with him again! Enjoy the amp!!!
  2. Hello there, Please note, the following decision has not been made lightly: I have decided to sell my Matamp GT200. Before anyone tries to talk me out of it, here are my reasons: a. I own several amps, of which the Matamp sees the least use. I'm struggling to justify keeping hold of something I barely use and would rather it be in the hands someone who is going to use it. b. It is heavy; but don't let that put you off buying it, I'm disadvantaged by a bad back. c. Finally, I would like to fund some other projects. From what I understand, these amps need little introduction. I'm looking for £1,300. It includes a Roqsolid head cover. The 'Green' logo lights up when switched on (was never a massive fan of this personally). I purchased the amp off a friend about three/four years ago. In that time, it's been used on a couple of short tours (totalling about twelve dates); many local gigs; but otherwise stored at my local rehearsal rooms. Unfortunately, the amp is missing one foot. I did contact Matamp for a replacement, but never got a response. The amp is located in Plymouth. If local you're more than welcome to come try it out. I can organise rehearsal space for playing at louder volumes. I would rather the buyer collects in person; but appreciate Plymouth is a long way from most places. Therefore, I'd be happy to travel a little way out of the South West to assist. I'm also willing to look into a courier; we can discuss... Please see photos attached. Many thanks for looking, and if there are any queries I will do my best to answer. Craig
  3. NoirBass

    Sold Chris an MXR pedal; very smooth transaction; good communicator; highly recommended.
  4. Here comes another bump! Was a little slow responding to Quatshmacher's PM and he was able to find one elsewhere. This pedal is 100% still available. I'll try check in every couple of days rather than weekly. cheers.
  5. Thanks for the bump Tuco This pedal is still available!
  6. Hello, i've been having a bit of a clear out at home and rationalising my gear, resulting in a couple of bits to be sold. Here is my MXR M85 bass distortion pedal. Owned from new, bought this when they first came out. It's been kept either in the box or safe on my pedal board so still in very good condition. The feet/pads have been removed and Velcro (heavy duty stuff) put on the bottom. It is a great pedal but isn't getting enough use to justify keeping. For those who may not know, these pedals were co-designed between MXR and Fuzzrocious. It is based on famous nasty distortion circuit, but benefits from separate wet and dry level controls, meaning direct and effect signals can be blended together. The clipping character can also be switched between silicon or LED diodes. I'd like £75 for this. It is located in Plymouth. If local you're more than welcome to collect; or I'm happy to organise postage. Thanks for looking. Any questions please let me know and I'll do my best to answer. Craig
  7. [indent=1]Can I present myself as being interested in the head?[/indent] [indent=1]I live down in Plymouth so fairly local for picking it up; just need the weekend to convince the missus into lending me a little bit of money. Will report back on Monday...[/indent]