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  1. Thank you! I will check this out
  2. Hi guys, just to confirm the deep/low button was not engaged, so it wasn't cutting any mids. As mentioned above I normally have the bass on the amp between 12-1, should I try dropping this? Also, for reference I have the Stingray as follows: Volume full, treble no boost/cut, mid and bass both boosted to about half way between the mid indent and full. I do adjust the bass/mid a little depending on the song. Also, I have the ashdown now so will be trying that out. It certainly seems to be voiced with more punch. I'll play around with the EQ as others have suggested in this post. Thanks all again, I'm clearly one of those bass players who can play a song, but who hasn't spent enough time learning how to achieve a good live sound - and so my journey begins!
  3. Hi all, thanks for the quick responses. My rig is a EB 3eq Stingray as main and a Fender MIM p as backup. Rig is an Ashdown 410t with an Ampeg pf500, though I'm getting an ABM EVO III 500 this week. I have tried raising the pickups on both bases around the g string and it doesn't make much difference. With the ampeg I tend to have the bass between 12-1 o'clock and have the mid selector at 2nd position with the dial at between 1-2 o'clock. Sounds great on its own but feels a bit lost in the mix, I was thinking a compressor could help resolve this?
  4. Hi all, I'm after some friendly advice around which (if any) pedals you would recommend. I'm in a reticent be functions band playing everything from Hound Dog to Uptown Funk... And everything in between. One pedal I think I am going to get is a compressor to round my sound up a bit as well as to get s more even sound acrid the board - I loose volume the huge I go on the fretboard, particularly on the G-string. So, does anyone have any recommendations that error help complete my sound? Or, any compressor recommendations? I've been keeping an eye out for a second hand MXR M87, but happy to consider others. Thanks in advance all. Steve
  5. Great thanks for the help guys. I've managed to secure an EVO III 500 for a great price! I'll be picking it up on Wednesday, very excited. One thing I am interested in is the FS-4 footswitch. It's quite expensive at £49... Are there any cheaper alternatives anyone is aware of?
  6. Thank you all for your comments, really appreciated. I'm going to keep an eye out for an Evo iv I think! Though if a 500 Evo ii or ii comes up for a reasonable price I may just go for it To those who have had a head serviced by ashdown, do you have a rough idea of the cost?
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on getting a used Ashdown ABM 500/600 head. I've played through a 500 Evo ii many years ago, and an Evo (I) c110 combo so I know the Ashdown tone/thunder is what I'm after. I'm looking for used (budget constraints) the majority of which appear to be the 500 Evo ii or 500 Evo iii, with he occasionally 600 Evo iv popping up. I know the differences in terms of power, buttons and aesthetics, but I'm really interested to know people's thoughts on the difference in sound/reliability between the three? I'll be using it with an older Ashdown ABM 410T cab so hoping that'll help bring out the best. I'm currently using an Ampeg PF 500 which is great, but doesn't have the kick/growl I'm after. Lastly, I'd be really interested to know your thoughts on what you think is a reasonable price for each of these three used, to give me an idea of what I'll need. Thanks in advance guys, Steve
  8. Orange OBC 410 4x10 600Watt 8 Ohm speaker cabinet still available, final price drop down to £350, please let me know if you are interested!
  9. OBC 410 speaker cabinet still available, buyer has pulled out. £400 anyone?
  10. Hi Jem, Unfortunately the cab has now gone, sale pending of course. As for that cab with the Terror, I can completely vouch for it that it sounds great. I used the rig on low medium and high settings running all kinds of gain, and the cab always responded well. The lows that thing produces are incredible, I originally intended on getting an OBC 115 to accompany the 410, but I didn't see th need. I had the Terror switched to 8Ohm's and the cab can handle the full power. So all in all I think the pair are amazing, you get very pronounced, clear and thunderous lows, yet crystal and sharp highs with everything in between! Hope that helps. Steve [quote name='jembullo' post='1228913' date='May 12 2011, 03:14 PM']Hello Really keen on the cab to go with my Terror Head, I'm running an Ashdown 4x10 with the Terror, while the Ashdown is great with other heads it seems to "fuzz" a lot with the Terror bass even on lower gain settings. How does the Orange cab pair with it in your honest opinion of course!!!! Cheers Jem[/quote]
  11. [quote name='Musicman20' post='1228403' date='May 12 2011, 08:26 AM']I have to vouch for that 4x10. Yes, it's a big cab, but the sound it produces is huge! Easily big enough for rock/punk/hardcore gigs...[/quote] Most definitely! I have been using since September for Hard/Heavy Rock, but money rules and I got a day job with lots of bills to pay
  12. BUMP Orange OBC 410 Still available, now only £400... Orange Terror Bass 500 Sold Steve
  13. Hi guys, today is a sad day! *SOLD* I am selling my Orange Terror Bass 500 Head - [url="http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~Orange-Terror-Bass~ID~11238.asp"]Soundslive.co.uk[/url] / [url="http://www.orangeamps.com/terror-bass-500/"]Orange Amps[/url]*SOLD* And my Orange OBC-410 Bass Speaker Cabinet - [url="http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~Orange-OBC-410~ID~9711.asp"]Soundslive.co.uk[/url] / [url="http://www.orangeamps.com/obc-410-speaker-cab/"]Orange Amps[/url] Firstly the reason for sale, is that I have left my band and no longer have a need for the amp, very sad! Ok, so a little first hand experience with the rig. The head is smaller than you realise, and can EASILY be lifted by your little finger no problem, yet it still sounds HUGE! Its 500W RMS and really simple to set up and get great sounds from it from the go. There are x2 Speak-on connectors on the back to hook up to x2 speakers to, and a switch to alternate between 4Ohms and 8Ohms speaker output. The controls on the front are also simple with a Master Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble and Gain Control, a single Jack socket for the in put with a switch for going between Active and Passive basses, plus a switch to go from Off-Standby-On. When it's coupled up with the OBC-410 it sounds amazing. I have been using the amp switched to 8 Ohms on the back, meaning its driving the full 500Watts of the amp in to the 8Ohm 600Watt Orange 4x10, but you can switch it to 4Ohms if you wish to hook up another 8Ohm cab. The amp was bought from Orange directly in September last year so is only 8 months old, it has been gigged and there are some signs of wear on the cab. This is all merely cosmetic and in comparison with many other 'well-toured' Orange cabs, it still looks new. The head is still in its soft-bag, keeping it safe and dust-free. I should still have the original boxes the items were shipped in if these are required. As far as shipping goes, I am willing to send these via courier, however the buyer must arrange and pay for this, otherwise it is pick-up from Brighton, East Sussex only. I am looking to get £300 for the Terror Bass Head *SOLD* and £[s]450[/s] [s]£400[/s] [b][size=3]£350[/size][/b]*SOLD* for the OBC-410 cab. Please PM for more details, pictures, questions or if you are wanting to make me an offer... [attachment=79547:IMAG0122.jpg] (Bass Not For Sale) Many thanks, Steve!
  14. [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330473604028&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT[/url] Please visit my auction for my Warwick Bass Head. All info on the head is on the page. Thanks Steve
  15. No takers yet, so going into gak today to get a quote, if you want please let me know before three... I'm taking offers too.
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