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  1. Sorry, I didn't mention that the 'instrument' cable was a 1/4" jack to jack cable. The speakon to speakon cable I referred to is my cable, which I (stupidly) left at home! The head has speakon/jack combi sockets, and the can has separate speakon/jack sockets. Thanks for the replies guys, I certainly hope Ashdown, as I suspect most manufacturers do, have catered for the stupidity of some of its users i.e. me, and saved me a whole heap of trouble!
  2. Hi guys, So, yesterday I had a rehearsal with my band. While getting set up I realised I had not brought with me my speakon-speakon speaker cable... I asked the rest of the band whether they had one and the guitarist hands me one. Its not speakon, and it doesn't feel/look like a speaker cable. I go ahead and connect my Ashdown ABM EVOIII 500 to my ABM 410T and think nothing more of it - hence the title of this post, entirely my fault. After half hour or so at playing with the amp's output dial at 12 it started to cut in/out and become a bit farty (for reference I was using my MIM P, passive). A couple minutes later it just stopped outputting anything at all. All the lights/dials were still on. I turned her off and went through the PA for the rest of the rehearsal. This morning I set up it up, properly... and turned it on. It''s all working perfectly normally. Now, I can't turn up the volume much past 8 o'clock because... neighbours so my question is, presuming the problem yesterday was that the 'speaker' cable was in fact an instrument cable, AND I am getting sound today (at a lower volume) am I likely to have done any serious damage that I may not notice until the volume is up higher? Conversely, presuming the cable WAS a speaker cable, any ideas what might have caused it to cut out like that? Thanks all!
  3. No, I haven't... That is interesting. I presumed (wrongly) it would be largely the same bit with a bit of an aesthetic update... Now, I need to find more money!
  4. I had a Trace Elliot V Type (5001 I think), green carpeted hulk! It was big and heavy, which is why I got rid of it. Great sound though, which is why I miss it. Now, I rock the Ashdown ABM Evo III, I'd like a 600, but it doesn't feel enough of an upgrade to warrant the spending!
  5. I had looked at the Behringer, I may get one for the peanuts they cost and see what happens. Thanks!
  6. That's a great point I hadn't considered. I have always had separate head/can for the potential flexibility. Thanks
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys, I think it's quite clear that separates may be the best option! I think it was the convenience of the fly rig that initially appealed. I'm not averse to having a little pedal board with a few pedals on. I'll certainly be looking into the Spectracomp! That had made me think... Are there any cheaper alternatives to the Sansamp that people could recommend?
  8. Was there a particular part of the fly rig that made you change?
  9. Hi guys, I am one of those who lurk around here and very rarely post! But, I'm in need of some advice for where I go next with some pedals... For reference, my gear is Musicman Stingray (2004-3EQ), Fender MIM P (2008/9), Ashdown ABM EVO III 500, Ashdown ABM 410T, Boss TU-2 and EHX Deluxe Bass Big Muff. As far as what I am doing and wanting to achieve? Well, I started a functions band at the beginning of the year... whilst COVID has hampered us slightly it's meant we've been able to practice more and really hone our sounds. As it's functions and I will play finger style / plectrum / slap I feel I really need a compressor, something to even out the volume across styles and the neck etc. Additionally, I am looking at having a SANSAMP bass driver so on the occasion where we are in a small venue I don't need to use my (big, heavy) amp and go straight in to our PA, or equally if we are doing a big hall I can just use my amp for monitoring. So my dilemma... do I get a compressor and SANSAMP pedal, or go for something like the Tech 21 Fly Rig? The pedals I have been looking at are the MXR M87 and the SANSAMP Bass Driver. Currently, at Andertons these will come in at £370. Benefits I see is that this is 'modular' so I can change pedals if I want to, and potentially I have more control a) in terms of signal path and b) in terms of what each pedal can do. Also, I can buy one at a time which would mean getting one sooner Whereas the Fly Rig is £275, which would be a slightly larger outlay at the beginning... but would be done in one go... plus, the convenience of carrying one thing to gigs... It also has other fun things I may use at some point. I particularly like the fun I think i'd have with the filter! Any experience with either set up would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance guys!
  10. Thank you! I will check this out
  11. Hi guys, just to confirm the deep/low button was not engaged, so it wasn't cutting any mids. As mentioned above I normally have the bass on the amp between 12-1, should I try dropping this? Also, for reference I have the Stingray as follows: Volume full, treble no boost/cut, mid and bass both boosted to about half way between the mid indent and full. I do adjust the bass/mid a little depending on the song. Also, I have the ashdown now so will be trying that out. It certainly seems to be voiced with more punch. I'll play around with the EQ as others have suggested in this post. Thanks all again, I'm clearly one of those bass players who can play a song, but who hasn't spent enough time learning how to achieve a good live sound - and so my journey begins!
  12. Hi all, thanks for the quick responses. My rig is a EB 3eq Stingray as main and a Fender MIM p as backup. Rig is an Ashdown 410t with an Ampeg pf500, though I'm getting an ABM EVO III 500 this week. I have tried raising the pickups on both bases around the g string and it doesn't make much difference. With the ampeg I tend to have the bass between 12-1 o'clock and have the mid selector at 2nd position with the dial at between 1-2 o'clock. Sounds great on its own but feels a bit lost in the mix, I was thinking a compressor could help resolve this?
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